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    1500 Gunline Marines

    Hi, this is my gunline, its very shooty-based (obviously!)

    Captain with Boltgun and Power Sword

    10 Tactical Marines with Multi-Melta, Flamer and Chainsword

    10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Cannon, Flamer and Chainsword

    10 Tactical Marines with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun

    10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Cannon, Meltagun, Plasma Pistol and Chainsword


    Ironclad with 2 x Heavy Flamer and 2 x Hunter-Killer Missile

    10 Devastators with Chainsword and 4 x Missile Launcher

    Predator with TL Lascannon, Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile and Extra Armour

    Total: 1505

    Constructive Critisicm Only please.

    I'm hoping to put in some Sternguard for the Predator when I get some.

    Space Marines: 4,000pts - 7/7/2
    Imperial Guard: Under Construction...

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    UnderWater Ninja-Tiger .. Xpyre35's Avatar
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    Its not a bad list. I just fear that in objective based games, your tactical squads have no real way to get there, other than to foot slog through the board.

    Also, your predator appears to be multi-purpose, and that leads to wasted firing depending on the target. Suggestion, leave the expensive T-LLC off the predator and keep the Autocannon.

    The devastors will be static for best effect. While effective at both anti-infantry and anti-tank, they won't be able to handle all your AT needs. I would consider a couple of the mobile tactical squads to have the free MLs, to help with firing angles, and to free up some costs.

    Freeing up some points, this can allow you to get a rhino, or a drop pod. This will give you a much needed mobility.

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    A good IG list will give you problems as it's very hard to be shootier than them. It doesn't help that the list is very immobile as well.
    Removing the extra stuff from the Predator and making it an Autocannon/Lascannon Predator will help improve the range of your army a great deal. You have enough Anti-Infantry short range weapons to kill hordes of stuff, but the range is lacking overall.

    You could drop the Dreanought and add 2 Drop Pods to provide cover and create firing lanes this will also give you a boost with the limited range. Throw a Tact Squad and the Ironclad in there and Drop the Dreadnought first and the Tactical Squad in reserve so they can claim objectives later in the game.

    You'll even have enough points to buy at least 1 Rhino to move a Squad of guys to claim objectives.
    "A Space Marine Sgt. not taking a Powerfist makes as much sense as peeing with your pants on...you just don't do it." xanosaucy

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