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    1500 Pts Pure DH

    After alot of the help ive been getting in the forum I wanted to post the new 1500 list thats been doing pretty well for me. Id love some advice on making it "Meaner" however since I live in a neighborhood full o' powergamers

    Inq Lord
    Psy Hood
    PC serv, 2x HB serv, 2x mystic, 2x sage

    5xGKT w/ 1xinc

    Justicar w/ Targeter

    Justicar w/ Targeter

    5xIST w/ 2x Melta
    Rhino, EA, Smoke

    5xIST w/ 2x Melta
    Rhino, EA, Smoke



    (I tend to use the Inqlord and one squad of GK to hold an objective in cover, I just like the Iron will rule because boy do I hate it when my Inq squad wants to run because some stupid mystics are dead )

    I am using the psychic hood as well to assist against lash of lamness... and in anticipation of the new space wolf sillyness.

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    The best defense agaisnt pysker powers like Lash of Submission and Jaws of the World Wolf is to be mechanized. Your lists isn't mech enough, your GKs and your Inq are all stuck in the open just waiting to be pulped by enemy firepower. Not good.

    The IST units are the one good element of this list.

    Well, the GKTs + LRC is also good, but taking only 1 LRC is just asking for the opponent to eliminate it and really bork you over good.

    The rule with all armour for all armies -- not just DH -- is: If you take one, always take two (if not three). Redundancy is VERY important. That way if one dies, you have a backup. It also dilutes your enemy's fire.

    Try this for 1500 pts.

    [260 pts] BC; 4 GKT retinue, incinerator

    [260 pts] 5 GKTs, incinerator
    [85 pts] Inquisitor; 2 mystics; Rhino, smoke launchers

    [128 pts] 5 ISTs, 2x melta; Rhino, extra armour, smoke launchers
    [128 pts] 5 ISTs, 2x melta; Rhino, extra armour, smoke launchers
    [123 pts] 5 ISTs, 2x melta; Rhino, smoke launchers

    Heavy Support
    [258 pts] Land Raider Crusader, smoke launchers
    [258 pts] Land Raider Crusader, smoke launchers

    Total: 1500 pts

    If you like, you could sub out the Elite GKTs for a unit of 9 PAGKs and an incinerator to go in the 2nd LRC instead.
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