Logan Grimmar:275.

Canis Wolfborn=185.


5 wolf scouts: 90.
plasma gun.


9 wolf guard=345.
2 thunder hammers.
storm bolter.
frost axe.
2 power weapons.
3 claws.
plasma pistol.
drop pod.

10 wolf guard terminators=660.
9 frostblades.
land raider Redeemer (dedicated transport).

10 blood claws:290.
Lukas the trickster.

10 grey hunters=165.
plasma gun.
melta gun .

fast attack:

3 thunderwolf Calvary=225.
3 frost blades.

heavy support:


long fangs=205.
missile launcher.
heavy bolter.
multi-melta .
Wolf guard terminators go around with Logan, mucking up the place, Canis goes with the thunder wolfs and do some outflanking. blood claws and grey hunters get objectives.Long fangs and the vindicator add extra firepower, while the wolf guard unit deep strike where needed. What do you think?