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    750 Imperial Guard... Could use some advice if any

    I threw down with a friend of mine who fields CSM... I got my a$$ kicked barely, I believe due to my poor initial placement and bad die rolling. But I also think my previous list was also my down fall as well. I had mostly grenade launchers in my list plus three auto cannons and a demolisher... the rest were manilla troops for the most part...

    Those dam obliterators cleaned out my Demolisher and I had a tough time popping his rhinos (got hits but rolled poorly on the penetration)

    But mainly he was using cover the whole time which was driving me crazy!!! Before I knew it he was on my front door step with plague marines and flamer troops, not to mention that dam demon prince...

    So I put this list together to hopefully smoke him out from long range, please tell me what you think...

    X2 Grenade Launchers
    X2 Lasguns
    Master of Ordinance
    Chimera (hull mounted Heavy Bolter)

    Vets 1=95
    X2 Grenade Launchers
    Missile Launcher
    X8 Shotguns

    Vets 2=95
    X2 Grenade Launchers
    Missile Launcher
    X7 Lasguns
    X1 Shotgun

    Auto Cannon
    X3 Lasguns

    Infantry Squad 1=60
    Auto Cannon
    X9 Lasguns

    Infantry Squad 2=60
    Auto Cannon
    X9 Lasguns

    Ratling Squad X4=40

    Griffon Heavy Mortar=75

    Colossus Siege Mortar=140

    750 total... the idea being from as far away as possible, I pound him with three pie plates turn one and position myself if need be to cover most of the open areas so when he does stick his head out I blow it off with my heavy weapons my troops have...

    My list seems sound to me, but I'd like to hear any imput you all might have if I've over looked something...

    thanks for looking,


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    I'm not one to advise people to tailor lists against opponents but here's some suggestions.

    MoO isn't worth taking. Especially in small lists where 30pts is alot. If i were you i'd ditch him. Ditch the G-Launchers and grab 4 Melta Guns or Some Plasma Guns. These guys can be your counter assault unit. Any Deamon Princes coming your way can be rapid fired by twin linked plasma guns. Even Plague Marines wil fall to 8 Plasma shots.

    Vet Squad 1&2: Good. Can't you find the points for a 3rd G-Launcher for these boys?
    Shotguns? Why? they'll be sitting still and shooting things at a distance so make use of those few extra shots. I think it's a waste of these boys though. You've got a Platoon for holding back and giving support fire. Find the points to give these guys some nasty Special Weapons. Plasma if they're on foot.

    PCS- Good. The officer can't have a Lasgun though. Which is rubbish.
    INF - Good. Find the points to give these guys a G-Launcher though. The str6 shot can hurt marines and so can the Blast.

    Ditch these boys. Use that 40pts to get some better guns on those Vets. Maybe a Chimera for one squad and tool them up with Melta/Plasma?

    Griffon is good but how about taking a Hydra instead? It will shred Rhino's. Maybe ditch him though to get another Infantry Squad or the 2nd Vet Squad a Chimera?

    Colossus: Dirty to Infantry.

    At the moment you have't really got alot that can get through a Marines armour. Only really the Colossus. This guy is only AV12 so can be taken out pretty easily. I'd maybe change this guy to a Demolisher. The AP2 can threaten things like Obliterators and it's one BIG target. Your oppoent will concentrate fire on this boy and leave the CCS chimera alone leaving their 4 Plasma Guns to case some real pain.


    How about this?

    CCS - 2 Plasma Guns, Chimera - 135pts

    VETS - 3 Melta, Chimera - 155pts
    VETS - 3 Melta, Chimera - 155pts

    PCS - Autocannon - 40
    INF - Autocannon - 60
    INF - Autocannon - 60

    That’s a pretty good all rounder list. You’ve got 145pts left over so you can grab a colossus. Maybe find 5pts and grab 2 Hydras or 2 Griffons or Even a Russ. Maybe an Autocannon HWS and Marbo?
    Last edited by Lord Borak; October 7th, 2009 at 18:04.

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    marbo and griffons i think are the best combos to start around with in 750 points.
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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