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    1750 points semi competetive

    Rune Priest w/Living Lightning, Storm Caller, Master or Runes 120 points
    10 Grey Hunters w/ 2x Melta and Power Fist 180 points
    1 Wolf Guard w/ Dual Wolf Claws 48 points
    Land raider Redeemer with Extra armor 255 points

    15 Blood Claws w/ 2x Melta and Power fist 255 points
    Wolf Guard w/ Power weapon 28 points
    Land Raider Crusader w/extra armor 265 points

    10 Grey Hunters w/ 2x Melta and Power Fist 180 points
    Land Raider with Extra Armor 265 points

    5x Grey Hunters w/ plasma gun 90points
    Wolf Guard w/ Combi Plasma 23 points
    Razor Back 40 points
    Total 1749

    This List is for fun against some local gamers at 1750 points. the tournaments use 'ard boyz scenarios and battle points. I am getting bored of using mech eldar every time, but all in all I dont want to get pie plated and ran over by all the mech armies, So here it is. The only thing that really brings me to bear is the guy who plays mech guard, all those battle cannons!

    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
    Grey knights - 1000 Points

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    i really like the land raider spam version of the space puppies codex, the only thing is you alwasy want first turn so you can zoom your land raiders up 12 inches then pop smoke dont bother shooting cause you only have 4 things on the field it will make easy pickings for gaurd and lascannons and especially tau.

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