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    1500 pt Mechanized All Comers

    Hey LO, first post here, recently got into playing 40k now that I can afford it (was always into the fluff though).

    Can I get some crits on my all-comers list?

    Command Squad: 160
    2x Meltagun
    2x Plasgun
    Chimera (Multilas, HB )

    Rattling Squad (4 members): 40

    Assault Grenadier Squads (Veterans): 380
    2x Flamers
    1x Meltagun
    Grenadier Doctrine
    Assault Chimera (H-Flamer, HB )

    2x Fire Support Squads (Veterans): 355
    2x Grenade Launchers
    1x Plasgun
    Chimera (Multilas, HB )
    1x Harker

    2x Scout Sentinels: 80
    2x H-Flamers

    2x Leman Russ Battle Tanks: 340
    HB Sponsons

    2x Hydras: 150

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    Imho Plasma>>>Melta, always. I also like the MS over the HB, because of the extra strength. Hydras are no good, cut those and the Ratlings for more russes. LRBTs with Melta Sponsons are pretty good, you could get some of those. That, or Vendettas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemt View Post
    Imho Plasma>>>Melta, always. I also like the MS over the HB, because of the extra strength. Hydras are no good, cut those and the Ratlings for more russes. LRBTs with Melta Sponsons are pretty good, you could get some of those. That, or Vendettas.


    Melta >>> Plasma any time, the ability to pop tanks and ID T4 more than makes up for paying more points to kill yourself and having all that AP2 bounce off of cover.

    All vehicles should have a hull heavy flamer, it's free and helps immensely more than a dinky HB will.

    Hydras are awesome.

    Melta sponsons are stupid, you have to sit still to fire both and they're BS3.

    CCS should go all meltas, Vets don't need powerfists or carapace (triple meltas, keep them cheap, safe in their ride, and flexible with the Chimera's HF), Vets should always be mounted, if you want infantry to shoot, take a platoon, LRBTs are bleh, Demos are better, HB sponsons suck, and Ratlings suck too.

    I like the overall idea, just needs some tweaking. CCS and 2 Chimera Vet Squad is a good forward element, back them up with an infantry platoon to knock out armor from range and hold objectives (autocannons are all you need), add Demos to give you some big threats and heavy firepower, and round it out with Hydras, Sentinels, Artillery, Flame Tanks, or whatever suits your fancy.

    Hope that helps, good luck
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    lol sees me and the message. face palsm as well. plasma does not always get owned by emlta. plasma<<<<melta against anti-termi and anti-MC. nice but the grenadier doctrine is kinda a waste of points, because they are in a chimera and i don't a powerfist will do you muchg ood since yo don't want ig in clsoe combat no matter what you give them.
    relying on your anti-horde to two leman russes is very dangerous any podding or deepstriking or flankers will target them and gladly waste a squad to kill a russ who would wipe off 400 points of hordes.
    i would switch the hydras for griffons to give you better anti-horde.
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    First off, Welcome to LO.

    Secondly, The list.......

    Keep the Weapons the same on these Boys. All out Plasma Guns for Monstrous Creature of MEQ hunting. All Melta for tank killing. Don;t try to do both. Go for a H-Flamer over the H-Bolter on the chimera.

    Grenadiers I use often on my Mechanised units. My advice would be....If you want a Streamlined competetive list drop this and spend the points else where. It's just too expensive for what you get. If you want it for fluff then go for it. Powerfists are iffy, sometimes useful but on the most part, if you enter close combat you die so i wouldn't bother.

    Keep the Guns the same. 3 Melta for tank killing is cheap and easy and you can hurt most things.

    'Support' vets. What support are these giving? They don;t really pose much of a threat at the moment. Grab these guys some more Plasma Guns and grab a Heavy Weapon - Autocannon/M-Launcher should do. Ditch Harker he's no use to you here.

    Give these Guys Autocannons instead so the can knock out transports. you've got H-Flamers on your Chimeras.

    Hydras = Good.
    Russ, Change these guys to Demolishers. the extra AP2 will be handy for Squishing Terminators and you sould do with some long range Punch against AV14.

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