1000pt IG Vets with Grey Knight Allies - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000pt IG Vets with Grey Knight Allies

    I have a couple of Grey Knight squads I am trying to fit into a list. Seems like a pretty skimpy list. I like an assault with fire support style of play. Let me know what you think:

    HQ.................165 pts
    C.C. Squad
    -Col Straken
    -Camo Cloaks


    Vet Squad Alpha (Fire Support)....110pts
    -2 Plasma Guns

    Vet Squad Bravo (Medium Range Bombardment)...95pts
    -Missile Launcher
    -2 Grenade Launchers

    Vet Squad Charlie (Tank Hunters/ Objective Takers)....175pts
    -Gunny Sgt Harker
    -Demolitions Doctrine
    -2 Meltas

    Vet Squad Delta (Anti-Armor/Tank/Large Beast)..........155pts
    -3 Meltas


    Grey Knight Squad 1...................150pts
    -4 knights

    Grey Knight Squad 2....................150pts
    -4 Knights

    1000pts total.

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    Everything seems fine, except:

    Straken will be running around trying to get into melee, not ducking in cover and shooting. I'd either try to get some bodyguards in the squad, or at least swap out the camo cloaks for carapace armor.

    Vets die on foot. I'd recommend swapping those two "fire support" vets to normal infantry (just because it's cheaper). You have exactly 0 long-ranged anti-tank, so give them lascannons, combine the squads, and have the PCS order them around with Bring it Down.

    Charlie and Delta seem okay.

    I'm pretty sure GK are troop choices?

    You need some ranged anti-tank at this point level. Otherwise, something like a hammerhead/basilisk can just cheerfully fire at you for the whole game. So, those lascannons I recommended - or, you could get a Vendetta. In addition to serving as anti-tank, you can have a GK squad darting around through the air.
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