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    "boom! hur hur hur" falling in love with the vindicator (2k list)

    so i used a vindicator for the first time ever in a friendly game last night. and i think i've fallen in love. i don't normally take heavy support options as my lists are troop and elite heavy. but wow, vindicator with a mechanised force getting up in people's faces is outright brilliant.

    Lysander - 200

    Tactical - ml, flamer, fist, rhino - 230
    Tactical - mm, flamer, fist, rhino - 230
    Tactical - hb, flamer, power weapon, rhino - 220

    Dread - mm, pod - 140
    Terminators - 2 cyclone - 460

    2 attack bikes - mm - 100
    Assault Squad - 10, fist - 215
    Landspeeder Typhoon - 90

    Vindicator - 115

    the vindicator rolled with 2 of the rhino units and the assault squad, who wisely stayed behind them out of sight. with a rhino either side and assault marines behind, i forced my opponent to pour an inordinate amount of fire (which usually goes into my rhinos and dread) at it and it kept coming. only got off 2 shots, which didn't do a massive amount of damage, but it didn't matter because my troops got to the enemy completely unharmed. outstanding value for only 115 points. it also kept the landspeeder alive for way longer than it should have been.

    the only changes i've considered to this list would be dropping one tactical fist to a power weapon (as i have run previously) and getting a couple of melta guns or a chainfist. but i'm open to other suggestions. i'm also keen to know what other guys have found with the vindicator. or 2 vindicators...

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    Two vindicators are a beautiful sight, but three? Three is just plain freakin' nasty. Only my regular Tau opponent usually brings enough guns to be able to smoke them in time, but as he's switched to daemons now I plan to run 3 Vindis in every army of 1500 points or more.
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