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Thread: 1500p need help

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    Junior Member Northman's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
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    1500p need help

    Right, so this is what I got so far. It's not a list aiming to be tournament worthy or anything. It should however be able to perform, and I know it lacks in several areas (armor and anti armor for instance), but at least it got a few cool elements (which means more to me than "cheese"). It's still a few points short of 1,500 points, so suggestions for changes and additions are welcome.


    Chaplain: 125
    Jump Pack
    Digital Weapons

    Librarian: 125
    Terminator Armor
    Powers: Machine Curse and The Gate of Infinity?


    Tactical Squad 1: 195
    10 Marines
    Flamer, Missile Launcher
    Power Fist

    Tactical Squad 2: 175+
    10 Marines
    Undecided Sgt. upgrades and Heavy Weapon

    Scout Squad: 180
    10 Scouts
    5 Sniper Rifles
    Heavy Bolter
    Camo Cloaks


    Terminator Squad: 230
    Assault Cannon

    Fast Attack

    Assault Squad: 235
    10 Marines
    2 Flamers
    Power Fist

    Heavy Support

    Whirlwind 85

    Total: 1350+

    Although two HQ choices might be a tad many, I like the two I got - they round out two heavy hitting squads.

    With 150 points left, give or take, I feel I have to add more anti-armor, or possibly add more of it myself.

    Half, or the whole, Scout squad could perhaps be cut for either Rhinos/Razorbacks, a Vindicator or a Dreadnought of some sort.

    There's also a Sergeant to equip and heavy weapon to pick. Perhaps Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Meltabombs. Then move the ML from Squad 1 to Squad 2 and get a Lascannon for Squad 1? I could also see about a Chainfist or two (only too bad I've glued those termies...) or put a couple of Meltabombs around? (On the Chaplain and possibly Assault Sergeant seems smart). With that, and only a 5-man Sniper Scout Squad, I could still probably fit a Vindicator into the mix? Thoughts?

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    HQ: 2 HQs are often too much but both yours are cheap so they should be fine. I reccomend gate and vortex for the powers or gate and nullzone.

    Troops: Squad 1 if you are advancing then take a MM instead of the ML as you will not need the range. Are the scouts going to combat squad? even so i would give them all sniper rifles.

    Elites: Fine

    Fast: Good.

    With your remaining points get 2 razorbacks for the tac squads or one and a rhino. Then look at some landspeeders or MM armed attack bikes.
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    Junior Member Northman's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
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    Thanks for the advice.

    How about the following changes:

    Tactical Squad 1: Replace ML wit MM; Added Rhino (no upgrades). (Total: 230 points)

    Tactical Squad 2: Added Razorback (no upgrades) (Total: 240 points)

    Scout Squad: Reduced to 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Cloaks (Total: 90 points)

    Added 2 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas (Total: 100 points)

    This gives me exactly 40 points left. Ideas for how to use them:

    - Remove Squad 2's Lascannon (replace with Missile Launcher) to get another 10 points and add a third Attack Bike. 0 Points left.

    - Give the Razorback better weapons (Twin Linked Lasgun, for instance), and a sergeant or the Chaplain Meltabombs. 0 points left.

    - Upgrade the Transports (Extra Armor on both and a Storm Bolter for the Razorback or something). 0 points left.

    - Turn the Attack Bikes into two Land Speeders. Upgrade to Multi-Melta, and add either a Heavy Flamer or Heavy Bolter. 0 points left.

    - Take a Razorback instead of Rhino for Squad 1, keep the ML and upgrade the weapons on the Razorback (to eg. Lascannons). 0 points left.

    - Other, better options?

    EDIT: Actually, I've decided to stick with Attack Bikes for now - mainly monetary, but also point reasons...
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