Well as much as I dislike having to do it, I have a custom chapter marine army and around half of my models don't get used much due to the fact normal SMs can't make a good cc army any more so I have decided to make a list using the SW dex. This is what I am thinking.

HQ: Wolf lord: 190
- thunderwolf, frost blade, majesty saga, melta bombs

Elites *2: 10 Wolf Guard: 240 (480)
- 1 w/ thunder hammer
- rhino

Troops *6: 10 Grey Hunters: 205 (1230)
- 2 w/ melta gun
- 1 w/ mark of the wolfen
- 1 rhino / drop pod (3 of each)

Fast Attack: 2 thunder wolves: 100

Very straight forward marine rush type army. Let me know what you guys think.