Alright, my Games Workshop has something crazy in the works. They're planning on running an event that is 40k vs Fantasy vs War of the Ring. I know right?! Crazy. I don't know exactly how it will be played out because they're still working on the rules and play testing, but I Do know that it will be using the movement trays. Fantasy using it's model tray and 40k/WotR using the WotK trays (same thing basically, but for circle bases). It sounds very awesome.

It's going to be 1000 points so I figured I'd take my usual 1k list, which is this:

Jump Pack, Cloak, Evicerator, Inferno Pistol, Book

DH Inquisitor
Termie Armor, Psycannon

Battle Sisters x16
VSS, Book
Melta, Flamer

Battle Sisters x16
VSS, Book
Melta, Flamer

Grey Knights x5
Psycannon x2


This list has held strong and rarely fails me. However I'm rethinking a few things for this event. First off, I'm not expecting much armor so I was thinking about swapping out for my blessed weapon cannoness (Jump, cloak, BW,bolt pistol, book, mantle), which would do much better in CC. Second, depending on how they do magic/psykers it might be worth taking a hood. Finally, given how everything will be on trays and group to nice together, I'm actually considering taking an orbital strike (Does getting hit from a space laser count as being flanked? :3 ).

It sounds VERY interesting, and I can't wait to find out how the rules will pan out, but based on what I know (now you =P), what advice have you got?

It should be noted that I am at a loss for rhinos atm, so they'll need to treck it on foot. Given it's only 1000 points, I'm not concerned with them being on foot (hell it's what I"m used to =P).