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    1850 Mech Imperial Fists

    Hey all,

    I'm using this list for a tournament coming up soon. I'm starting to enjoy using basic HQs over characters. C&C appreciated!


    Captain with Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons, Artificer Armor.

    Librarian with Null Zone and Might of the Ancients.


    Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Chain Fist - Dedicated Land Raider with Multi-Melta and Extra Armor.


    2x 10 Marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Sword, Rhino.

    10 Marines with Melta, Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Combi-Melta and Power Fist, Rhino.

    Heavy Support:

    3 Vindicators.

    Let me know what you think!

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    First thing that jumps out at me, you need another Troop unit. 4 is the magic number in high points games. Even some Scouts to babysit an objective would be fine and actually really help, since you're rushing forward as is.

    You can scrape points by shaving the Digi Weapons, they aren't that good.

    Null Zone is a very niche power. It's really only good against a few things. I'd replace it with a generic shooting power for a tournament. He'd be very happy to have a Shield as well, not a bad guy in CC.

    Your Termies should be assault based if they're in a Land Raider. Personally, I'd make them really shooty and DS them, pocketing the points for the Land Raider. I'm just not a fan of high cost armor, there's way to many Meltas and things out there.

    I'd drop your Marine Combi's, get Power Fists for the units who don't have any and switch to all Melta. You have Ordnance and Bolters for hordes but you need another reliable armor solution in case your Vindicators crap out.

    Vindicators are fine, use them as a distraction not a game winner. Side armor 11 is highly exploitable.

    I'd for sure drop that Raider and use the points elsewhere. Your Captain can go on a Bike, staying behind the armor safely until he charges. Nothing bad will happen to him. The Librarian can do the same thing, or DS with the Termies. Maybe give them the teleport power and bounce around to annoy your opponent.

    Sorry if that's a lot of possibilities, hope some of them help.
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