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Thread: 1000 point list

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    1000 point list

    I recently took up 40K again, i have the Battle for macragge set, assault marines, and the assault on black reach set. I made up this list to get me too 1000 points. I'll be playing mostly new players and non-competitively. just let me know if its decent, also if i missed something points wise...

    Captain = 120
    -power sword
    -melta bombs

    Tactical squadx10 = 210
    -Rhino w/ Dozer

    Tactical squadx10 = 170

    Dreanought = 105
    -melta/ close combat

    Terminators = 200

    Assault marines = 125
    -Power fist

    Land Speeder = 70

    TOTAL: 1000

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    Member xanosaucy's Avatar
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    May 2009
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    Standard list with what you've got. The only change I can recommend due to limitations of what you might have is to swap out the Heavy Bolter for a Heavy Flamer and put the Heavy Flamer underneath the vehicle. This guarantees loner range with the template and lots of dead critters.

    In the long run you can start adding another Rhino to carry around the second squad and look into getting upgrades for your Tactical Squad and a Drop Pod for your Rhino. Flamers will only go so far on your Tactical Squad. Consider getting some Melta's or Plasma's and Powerfist for your Srg's. While working all these changes out you can also upgrade the Captain's Power Weapon into a Relic Blade for bigger point games.

    All in all this is a good base to start working with. Good luck!
    "A Space Marine Sgt. not taking a Powerfist makes as much sense as peeing with your pants on...you just don't do it." xanosaucy

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