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    Two 2k Space Wolf Lists For Fun

    I was bored and finally opened up the new codex last night and made the following armies to piss off some friends.

    Furry Thunde [1998]:
    HQ ... 305

    Canis Wolfborn 185
    Wolfguard Battle Leader (Thunderwolf Mount) - 120

    Elites … 105
    3x Lone Wolf (Frost blade, meltabombs) 35

    Troops … 768
    6x Fenrisian Wolf Pack (15 wolves, cyberwolf) 128

    Fast Attack … 825
    3x Thunderwolf Cav (5 riders, meltabombs) 275

    This army is actually terrible because it cannot capture objectives (go wolves!). That being said, it is mildly hilarious. 6 Grey Hunters in a rhino with a meltagun (130 points) could easily replace a wolf squad to fulfill that role and bring the army to 2000 even. I feel the strategy here is fairly straightforward.

    Extra Bloody Claws [2000]:
    HQ 515
    Logan Grimnar … 275
    Ragnar Blackmane … 240

    Elites 140

    Dreadnaught (MM, Drop Pod) … 140

    Troops 645
    2x Blood Claws (15x Blood Claws) … 225
    Grey Hunters (10x, 2 meltaguns, rhino) … 195

    Fast Attack 180

    2x Land Speeder Tornado (2x Multimelta) … 80

    Heavy Support 520
    2x LRC (Multimetla) … 260

    Now, this list has one goal - to have Ragnar and Logan use their specials side by side to make for nasty when they pop out of those LRCs (basically furious charge and +1 attack to everyone). It should give you 150 S5/I5 attacks (half 3+ with preferred enemy from Logan, half WS3) plus an additional 15 attacks or so from Ragnar and Logan at S6 I6 3+. You can only do this once when charging, but 120 attacks at S4/I4 with the same rules isn't terrible, either. One could argue switching out a BC from Ragnar's squad to give preferred enemy with a wolf priest (probably drop a melta from the grey hunters, a BC, and a tornado to do it). Dreadnaught and Tornados hunt tanks, Grey Hunters can be used for a variety of roles as needed.

    Tear it apart.

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    What happens when you are playing, oh lets say IG and you charge a unit and utterly destroy it, now there whole army will slaughter you. I just think this army needs a few less LRC and some more troops in rhino's/drop pods. 5th edition is the edition of troops, no one around that.
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