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    40 (x1)

    1500 tourny wolves

    got a 4 round tournment coming up and was looking to play this list,

    rune priest, lightning, hurricane, melta bombs

    rune priest , lightning, jaws

    wolf priest

    x8 grey hunters, melta gun, drop pod

    x8 grey hunters, melta gun, drop pod

    x8 grey hunters, melta gun, rhino

    x8 grey hunters, melta gun, rhino

    predator, heavy bolters


    long fangs x6, x3 heavy bolters, x2 missle launchers

    wolf guard pack x5
    1- power fist, combi-melta(drop pod)
    2- power fist, combi-melta(drop pod)
    3- power fist (rhino)
    4- power fist (rhino
    5- terminator armor (long fangs)
    drop pod

    have options for the hq's and where i can put them depending on what i am facing and the termi-guard is just a extra body with a better save with the long fangs.
    thoughts on the list?

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    105 (x6)

    i guess your pred is going for anti-horde? either way a whilrwind works better for anti-horde. and long fangs work best with 3x missle launchers and 2x lascannon. never rely on anti-horde for them as vindicators and whirwlinds do a better job for less points.

    your list lacks some punch like a really good unit in close combat or shooting. armies with some terminators even if you use jaws of the winter wolf will chew lots of your squads. and the terminator wolf gaurd won;t see much action. i would spend the points elsewhere.

    because if you need the guy. chances are you will be slaughtered by terminators with plasma weapons. emlta guns, flankers or stealers. na dht eowlf priest doesn't help much. it has the preferred enemy rule for S5 guys and MC.

    at the moment your list lacks anti-horde. because one vindicator will usually be stunned or destroyed etc you can count on that happening. and it lacks anti-terminatorn etc. also because yo ahve to drop one pod. your grey hutner squad that drops will be very vulnerable to plasma spams and terminator squads that ahve deployed on the table and anything that can kill you easily in close combat. if you want to drop a unit in for distractino. try a dreadnought with smoke launchers. much harder to kill and venerable dreadnoughts are very hard to kill especially with smoke launchers.

    hope my comment if helping!

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    368 (x8)

    I'd drop the Predator and the Terminator Wolf Guard, what do the Long Fangs need him for? They stay back and pot shot for better or worse.

    Grab a second Melta in all the GH squads, goes a long way.

    I'd ditch the Wold Priest, you have no great assault unit so save the points or grab a 3rd Rune Priest.

    You'd benefit from a second Vindicator to distract off the Rhinos and maybe swap one Drop squad to a Rhino. That way you get the free Drop and don't need to worry over Reserves, plus your rush is stronger.

    Drop the Combis and Meltabombs if you need points, they won't do a ton. Should be able to fit everything in nicely.
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