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    1000pt Space Wolves


    Wolf Priest w/ JP, SB, WT


    3 Wolf Guards (see with squad)


    9 Grey Hunters w/ PW, WS, Flamer, MotW
    Wolf Guard w/ Wolf Claw

    9 Blood Claws w/ PF
    Wolf Guard w/ WC, MotW
    Drop Pod

    Fast Attack

    5 Skyclaws w/ PW, MotW
    Wolf Guard w/ JP, PW

    Heavy Support

    6 Long Tooths w/ MLx2, HB, MM, LC, PG

    total 1007pts

    This army is going to be mainly used against a Tau army that only uses Fire Caste Tau, no aliens or ethereals.
    My Wolf Priest will lead from the front with the Skyclaw Pack.
    Any comments or suggestions eagerly accepted.

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    46 (x2)

    You're 7pts over 1000 there

    For 1000pts, your Tau opponent should be fielding :

    a. One hammerhead with a railgun, burst cannons, disruption pod and maybe a multi-tracker.

    b. Up to 5 crisis with a combo of burst cannon, plasma rifles, and missile pods. The sneaky ones use flamers.

    c. Fire warriors, in a devilfish, with gun drones/BC/disruption pod and maybe a multi-tracker.

    If not, they are a beginner or hell-bent on winning

    Now, for your list ...

    Blood Claws - You're relaying on BCs too much, which isn't good, since their WS/BS is 3. Your best bet is to shove a 10man blood claws pack, into a rhino, and give them 2 flamers/1 power weapon/ and maybe 1 plasma pistol.

    Swift/Sky claws, for their high cost, are rather sickly poor. Again, with the WS/BS of 3. However, a blood claw land speeder has a BS of 4! You might want to try 1 or 2, with either MM/HB or MM/HF.

    Grey Hunters - You need at least 2 packs of them. I regularly use them in a 10man pack with 2 plasma guns, and either a power weapon or fist, depending if I know what lists I'll be up against. For Tau, I'd use the power weapon.

    They're deadly, when used in a drop-pod. Give them 2 plasma guns to teach those Tau a lesson, or 2 meltaguns to go vehicle hunting (arm these packs with a power fist).

    ALWAYS give your GHs a wolf standard ... if possible.

    Rhinos are fine, if you ain't a drop-pod freak

    Wolf scouts are something to look at. Take a squad of at least 5, and give them a meltagun, 2 plasma pistols, and the Mark of the Wulfen (melta bombs if you can afford them). With their chance to deploy from the opposing edge, you can really chew through those crisis suits! (crap, I made a pun, hehe). They're also good at popping vehicles too.

    Dreadnoughts would be useful here too ...

    a. Anti-troop in a drop-pod.

    b. Anti-tank in a drop-pod.

    I'd leave the Long Fang packs at home, as the previous choices work better.

    HQ - Stick your wolf priest with the blood claws, in the rhino. However, your blood claw pack becomes 9, and you lose a flamer. No biggie really.

    Hope I helped.

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