This is a list I think I should try at the tournament that will be this Sunday.
Rules are very rigid and I dont think I will be able to take an exorcist to this one.

We will play at a table 4x3, so I would think that foot slogging may not be that bad of an idea.
I have a pretty decent body count of 36 models: 4 flamer templates, 1 inferno pistol, 6 eviscerators, 1 power weapon.

I hope that litanies of faith will allow me to get 3+ invulnerable or to make sure I am fearless if I choose to get pinned, so the next turn I can continue my march to glory.

I would really appreciate any comments about this list and any advice if you have about such a small format.

Some rules to list-building:
IA - allowed, Fliers are not;
if 300+ pts in troops (excluding transport) = may field vehicles over 34, otherwise only 33.

Canoness – 130
Eviscerator, Inferno Pistol;
Litanies of Faith, Mantle of Ophelia, Book of St. Lucious;
She will be with sisters to make sure they have that extra-uber faith whenever they need it.

Battle Sisters Squad – 177
VSS – Brazier of Holy Fire, Eviscerator;
9 sisters: 7 Bolters, Flamer, Heavy Flamer;
Will just fry everything they come in contact with, I am still pondering if I should give them meltas instead of flamers. Will have 2 eviscerators when they charge.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers – 50
Will come out from reserves, hopefully by the turn 4.

Zealots – 192
4 Fanatics – Eviscerator
2 Zealots – Flamer
14 Zealots – Laspistol, CCW;

Priest – 51
Frag Grenades, Power Weapon
These two units will be together running to the objective and hope to survive to explain with their eviscerators why the enemy is wrong.


I imagine that IG and orkses will be prevelent. So flamers are there to try to kill them. Vindicators/predators/LRBT/LR will have almost no chances of appearing in this format, so I think meltas might be an overkill.