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    Does my list need mech?

    Hi all,

    title sort of says it all. Is mech needed?

    The list that I am putting together at the moment is:

    - Command Squad (chapter master, apothecary, champion, banner, veteran, all fairly decked out w. various relic blades/combi weapons and all with storm shields)
    - 5 grey knights (1 psycannon, 1 incinerator),
    - 2 x 10 tactical marines (2 w. missiles, 2 sergeants with powerfists),
    - 5 CCW scouts
    - 8 sniper scouts + 2 missile scouts + telion,
    - 4 bikes (1 serg and one attack w. MM),
    - 7 assault marines
    - Devastator squad (1 lascannon, 2 MM, 1 missile, 1 HB ).

    So it's fairly low points, packs a bit of firepower so it is capable of busting tanks, and also it means that any enemy anti-tank weapons are almost a waste of points (at least compared to if I did have tanks). I think it gives enough dangerous units for them to worry about, with the command squad, GK, bikes and assault marines all deserving of attention as they move closer, plus the snipers and devastators also deserve attention because left alone they will cause serious damage. Either they use their firepower on the CS, which will take them a while to kill with shields, multiple wounds an apothecary, or they go for the GK, which allows my bikes and assaults to crash them quickly and CS to get there unhurt, or they go for bikes and assaults which allows the more dangerous units in GK and CS to get there unhurt. 20 tacticals and 5 CCW scouts is enough to bulk out an already fairly cheap list.

    I think it's a kind of list that's balanced enough that against shooting armies I can give a bit back myself while my troops charge forward and deliver a strong punch, and against assaulting armies I can hold my own when combat happens, whilst softening them up a bit while they're charging.

    What do others think? I have thought about adding a LR both for transport, and to possibly shield the bikes, but my fear is that they will just focus fire and pop it quickly anyway. I have thought of dreadnoughts, because they work well with the shooting/combat balance I've sort of got, or even a lanspeeder for manouevaribility. If I went with just 1-2 I would probably have the same problem as 1 LR, and if I added too many this would push my points up which means the armies I'm up against are bound to be much stronger. It looks like my best option, if any, is drop pods for the CS and GK, though I'm not sure GK can even have them? In which case I wouldnt want to drop a CS in just for them to be alone and get pumped. Infiltrating CCW scouts could help.

    So I guess the question is, could the proposed list do well as it is, or is it lacking something? I'm not looking to win tournaments, but I don't want to be the person that everyone plays when they want an easy win. Thanks all!

    EDIT: Just to clarify, it's my own vanilla chapter.

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    I'm going to try and help you out with my little knowledge, so don't take my word as holy writ.

    First off thank you for taking a different list, I wouldn't say it is super competitive but it is at least different from the mech lists which are so well loved on this forum, and depending on your competition you should have a decent chance.

    Second: Command Squads can only be taken if you have a Captain, Chapter Master has to take Honour Guard. But I thin this helps because you can take Sicarius instead and get some cool special abilities, like infiltrating a tactical squad.

    Third: The list in general lacks an ability to get across the board which you need to take objectives and get to grips with gun line armies. I tried to foot slog once against tau, and then went and bought a rhino. But that is not the only option, drop pods or more bikes would be good options, and let you stay away from including armour.

    Grey Knights can't have a Drop Pod but if you take them as Fast Attack they can teleport in. I would think about having them teleport, Command Squad and a Tactical Podding in, and one Tac infiltrating up close or sitting on a home objective.

    I would maybe switch the Heavy Weapons around a little, the Devies seem to lack purpose, and the MM is short ranged. What about Devvies with Las, 3x Missiles, HB and Multi Melta's with Tac's and give one tac a melta, with the option of Sicarius giving them tank hunter.

    Hopefully my random thoughts provide some inspiration to help you create a list you like.


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