1750 White Scars - Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1750 White Scars - Tourney

    Ok Guys,

    I’m planning on making a white scars army this year, and I’m trying to decide on a list before I go spending ludicrous amounts of money on bikes and speeders.

    The List so far:

    Captain, Bike, Relic Blade, Melta Bombs – 170

    Full Bike Squad, 2x Meltaguns, Multi-Melta Attack Bike, Power Fist – 310

    Full Bike Squad, 2x Plasmaguns, Heavy Bolter Attack Bike, Power Fist – 310

    Full Bike Squad, 2x Flamers, Heavy Bolter Attack Bike, Power Sword, Melta Bombs – 285

    2 Landspeeder Typhoons – 180

    2 Landspeeder Typhoons – 180

    2 Landspeeder, Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta – 140

    2 Whirlwinds – 170

    TOTAL – 1745

    Scoring Units: 3 (6 when Combat Squadded)

    Kill Points: 9 (12 if Combat Squadded)

    I play a wide range of opponents. approx 40% MEQ. Everyone has different units, and i like to be prepared to face anything.

    The Reasoning:
    Whirlwinds are for pinning of troublesome squads, also guess range ordinance will scare some armies and help thin the hordes. especially with cover so rampant in 5th. I believe they fill a nice gap in the list.

    Typhoons are for popping light transports and MC's. Can also be fired on blast-mode for hordes. Also good for insta-killing Nobs, characters, etc.

    Originally the MM/HF Speeders were 3 x MM Attack bikes, but i feel that with so little light armour on the field, these will fit the list a little more. Providing more priority threats to deal with. Also, they're dual-purpose, so they shouldn't really have a problem finding something to do.

    Before you suggest taking melta on the second squad instead of plasma, NO. 1 shot vs two against MC's = not good. 4 Plasma shots against an eldar avatar vs 2 melta shots = WIN! The bikes still have their bolters, so i can use them against GEQ. I'm not risking losing a bike to kill a guardsmen. I'm not that stupid.

    The only problem I see is a lack of a dedicated close-combat unit. If I drop 2 Typhoons and 2 HF/MM Landspeeders I can get a Command Squad on Bikes with 4 lightning claws, and 4 StormShields.

    The only problem, is that this will seriously dilute the number of vehicles and threat-targets i have, and with my vehicle contingent being so lightly armoured, I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. This will bring the vehicles down to 2x Typhoons and 2x whirlwinds.

    I can always Combat Tactics out of combat if I lose, so i can shoot some more, so I don't think it's too big of a deal. This is supposed to be a tournament army, so i think that all the speed will make up for the lack of CC-godliness that a command squad will provide.

    So the Question comes down to: Is this a solid enough list without having a dedicated close-combat unit, or would it be better to keep it the way it is?

    Thanks for any advice.

    - P

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    So far the list looks pretty solid...I would play it if it were given to me. As far as the relic blade? maybe not, but that is just me. I know you can combat squad, but I would just take smaller squads with attack bikes. At the end of the day you still need to take those objetives, but at the same time you need to use those bikers to their fullest potential. I for one am a bleeding heart when it comes to flamers and Heavy bolters...I might take MM's on the speeders and maybe and since I would take more yet slightly smaller squads of bikers I would free up some for some dakka and maybe a CC Captain w/ command squad.

    So far with biker armies it seems that you want to max out the the bikes and min on the fancy stuff you give them and it seems you have done just that. I have o doubt that the list you came up with will get some stuff done.

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    Looks fine indeed.

    Nothing stands out as being out of place or useless, though i do feel like the land speeders will get shot down pretty fast and you may end up leaving your whirlwinds open to enemy "Outflank". A command squad could be an interesting alternative, though I'd keep the upgrades to a minimum, this unit can get expensive pretty fast.

    If you're concerned about effectiveness, I'd play a few proxy games before buying anything.
    "The things that appear are a vision of the unseen"
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    I love the idea of two whirlwinds to add the much needed fire support. I am not sure about the relic blade though, if I were you, i would take a power sword. I also think you should take a command squad for four captain.

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    i would ditch your land speeder with flamers and mm for a biker squad to sit on objectives if that is possible and to hel you in objective games better. plus the power weapon isn't really neede din the biker squad. or the melta bombs if your captain is joining them.
    i would also change your heavy bolter guys to multi-melta guys and have your melta gun squad fitted with plasma guns for better anti-mc.
    hope that helps!
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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