So I might be getting the chance to play in a 5000 point team apocalypse game with each player bringing 1000 points, not totally sure on the details. Anyways I was planning on taking my newly finished and as yet unbloodied Blood Angels, however it would also be my first ever game of apocalypse, so well remaining ignorant of the rules I came up with a fairly balanced army with no need for the FOC. I'm a bit worried that nothing is really excessively killy, but there is not much room at 1000.

Here is what I was thinking about taking.

Chaplain 100

5x Death Company 60

5x Veteran Assault Marines 175
Power Fist

5x Veteran Assault Marines 175
Power Fist

10x Tactical Squad and Flamer 240
Rhino w/ Extra Storm Bolter

Land Raider 250

Total 1000

Any help would be appreciated