I bought my friends space marine/ demonhunter army for cheap, so i have limited models, but i play regular games against chaos and occasionally tau. The chaos list usually fields a defiler and a nasty tzeentch demon prince with flight, warptime and winds of chaos, as well as a sorcerer with lash of submission, oh and always 3 obliterators.the rest is fluid between termies, posessed, raptors and dreads . He has troops in rhinos at the back, waiting till the end to rush objectives.

This is my current list incarnation to beat this and still have a chance if he pulls out tau. I could switch out the terminators for another assault squad or for sternguard, or for another rhino tactical , and have some points left over for 5 sniper scouts, but i really need the power weapons. I really need something to kill the demon price but a grey knight Grand master with force weapon is realy expensive and a CC librarian seems weak compared to the captain, the termies could do it, but any way it goes he can just avoid them.

The captain goes with an assault squad, the troops split if in an objective game, stay together if anihilation. Either way i rhino rush them with the teleport homers.

Captain, relic blade, digital weapons, meta bombs, jump pack=160

Dread, multi-melta, TL autocannon = 115
6 GK termies, incinerator, brother captain with frag grenades, targeter, holocaust=328

10 marines, power fist, melta gun, lascannon, rhino, teleport homer=260
10 marines, power fist, melta gun, lascannon, rhino, teleport homer=260

Fast attack
10 assault marines, powerfist, 2 plasma pistols=235

Heavy support
5 devestators, 2 plasma cannons=140