ill be haeding to my gaming club this thursday and ill be playing a guard list with
3 leman russes (separate)
60 guardsmen roughly porbably more
2 commissars
and other stuff im unsure of

NOTE one russ has some one shot tankhunting weapon
and i don't know how to play guard besides charging
i have the following avaible for the game

1 terminator libby with SB
1 BR captain
1 dread with MM AC and TL LC
magneto predator
2 tactical squads with flamer ML and PF
5 sniper scouts one ML
converted Telion
10 Sternguard SG with PF one combiplasma
5 terminators one with AC
2 rhinos
1 rhino/razorback

ive played him once and ended with a ugly draw on my end
help? lol and yes u WILL be repped

thanks guys