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    1500 pt Space Wolves

    I'll be judging at a local tournament this next weekend and will be playing the ringer army if there is an odd number of people. As such, I wanted the list to have a perfect comp score (Which it currently has) but still be able to perform well enough to give my opponent an enjoyable game. I'd like to keep the comp score perfect

    WGBL- 155
    Frost Axe
    Storm Shield
    Wolftooth Necklace
    Saga of the Hunter

    Rune Priest- 120
    Terminator Armor
    Jaws of the World Wolf
    Murderous Hurricane

    3x Grey Hunters x10- 200
    Power Fist
    Wolf Standard
    Mark of the Wulfen

    2x Rhino- 35

    Wolf Scouts x6- 145
    Melta Bombs
    Mark of the Wulfen

    Long Fangs x5- 125
    Plasma Cannon x1
    Missile Launcher x3

    Land Raider Crusader- 250

    Lone Wolf- 35
    Mark of the Wulfen

    1. At least 40% of the army’s points is in troop selections.**

    2. No more than 25% of the points of the army are spent in any category other than troops.

    3. No force organization selections other than troops are maxed out. (2 hq, 3 elite, 3 fast attack, 3 heavy support)

    4. No more than 10% is spent on wargear/armory, including Daemonic Gifts, Veteran skills, Psychic Powers, Vehicle Upgrades, etc...This applies to all HQs, Independent Characters, Monstrous Creatures, and Vehicles.

    5. The army has three or fewer fearless units. Any unit that automatically pass all leadership tests are counted as fearless for purposes of this comp item. Synaptic creatures and units count as fearless, the units you can make fearless, but are not always so, do not count.

    6. The army includes at least 2 troops selections at 100% size.

    7. The army includes no more than 10 power weapons or 20 rending close combat weapons. Any model that negates the armor save in HTH combat is considered for the purposes of this checkbox, including monstrous creatures.

    8. The army includes no more than one ordinance template weapon.

    9. The army includes no monstrous creatures or walkers as an HQ choice.

    10. The army contains no models with three or more wounds that cannot be doubled out.

    11. The army has spent fewer points on vehicles (including dedicated tranports) than on infantry. Infantry that have had a transport purchased for them still count towards the infantry total points just as their transport counts towards the vehicle points.

    12. This army contains no more than five weapons of any type that has an AP2 or better.

    13. The army contains no more than one vehicle with a total of 36 or greater armor value, and contains no more than one fast skimmer.

    14. This army has three or fewer infiltrating or deep striking units in the army (this includes drop pods and summoned units).

    15. Any HQ selection costs 125 pts or less. A retinue attached to an HQ selection does not count towards this total.

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    Wow that's a pretty boring comp, anyways.

    Don't mix special weapons in squads, go all Melta or all Flamer. I'd think about making just one GH unit fighty, have the others be shooty support. You could save points and potentially buy something else.

    Lone Wolves seem more and more awful every time I look at them. The cost is very low but I just don't see them doing much.

    5 MLs on the Long Fangs is probably the most efficient way to run them, also goes more hand in hand with your comp.
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