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    1500 Raven Guard Alpha Strike

    I have an idea of Raven Guard Alpha Strike that can reliably knock out mech armies. On the downside, i dont have enough horde control. This is 1500pts list as this is the standard points in my LGS.

    Shrike - 195

    5 Assault Termies, 3 TH/SS, 2 LC, LR Crusader, multimelta - 460

    10 Tactical Melta Team, meltagun, multimelta, Powerfist, combi-melta, drop pod - 235
    10 Tactical Plasma Team, plasmagun, plasma cannon, powerfist, rhino - 245
    5 Scout, combi-melta, meltabomb - 90

    5 Assault Squad, Flamer - 125
    1 Landspeeder Storm, multimelta - 65
    3 Scout Bike Squad, combi-melta, meltabomb - 85


    I need to go to work. I will let you know how this list work later.

    Okay, im back. First, remember that this alpha strike only work IF you move first, not down of war deployment, and not much full/most reserve army opponent. I dont recommend alpha strike if the situation is not possible. Play the orthodox way and attrition war.

    Okay, i will divide the army into two teams. Team Alpha, shrike, assault squad, scoutbike and podding tactical. Team Beta, Termies, LR Crusader, scout and LS Storm, Rhino tactical.

    Team ALPHA

    This team is smaller in comparison to team Beta. So dont give them really hard targets but some soft spots that the enemy revealed. They are geared to reach the depth of the enemy deployment (infiltrate, 12" move, and drop pod), preferably the artilleries or soft transport and the cargo or anything that can ruin opponent's plan. Their targets are Vindicators, Predators, lone Rhino/Chimera/Serpent/Devilfish, Leman Russes, Basilisks and the like, or artilleries. Anything mechanical that should be opponent's investment throughout the game.

    Scoutbike and assault squad with shrike infiltrate side by side. Podding tactical near their targets is also preferable to make sure the plan works. Scout bike sergeant fires his combi-melta. If it didnt work, do the same with podding tacticals meltas. You have three melta shots to make this happen (should be more than enough). Hopefully, the scout bike do the job just fine so the tactical can target other mechs. Shrike's team will decimate the cargo of the transport (MEQ or less only. Dont do this to terminators).

    Team BETA

    This is your main force and deploy them as close as the opponents deployment area. They can take more punishment than Team ALPHA. Scout and Landspeeder Storm Team pop up one transport with their meltas. Rhino and Crusader move full speed. Only disembark tactical if you really need one or two plasma shots to take down some medium target i.e. landspeeders, piranhas (or if you are really desperate to pop the transport that the scout squad failed destroying). Disembark Termies and fleet. Hopefully, the termies fleet good range to reach the popped up transport and their cargo. If they do, then you can guess what happens next. They will decimate opponent's squad.

    Remember this team's range is arguably far. so they can only pick the nearest enemy units. Team Alpha most likely receive most of the return fire so team Beta should do their best to support team Alpha and they should do it quickly. So dont put team Alpha where opponents return fire is the heaviest.

    If you do the tactics right, you should have dominated the game since turn two and forward. Remember, when you play, dont forget to pray that the opponent is not moving first or seizing initiative.

    Last edited by 3Xhume; November 11th, 2009 at 05:39.

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    You're gambling for first turn by your own admission which is a very 4th mindset. Your squads are way to focused on armor hate when you could keep that mentality (a healthy one) and regain some of your horde killing.

    I also see no reason you can't play off 2nd turn if you tweak the list a bit. If you want those suggestions, just ask. I'm not sure if you want advice or are using this as a post to discuss your tactics.

    Edit: In some areas you've actually GIMPED your ability to kill armor, which seems strange to me.
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    I'm very interested in seeing how this list works for you. I'm trying to develop a similar list that can get the first punch in (if I get the first turn), without totally hampering my list if the opponents 'steals the initiative', or I have to go second. I've been playing with the idea of outflanking (as opposed to infiltrating) when I go second, and have begun to design lists with this in mind.

    So, overall, I find the Terminators in the LRC to be a bit of a stange addition. No doubt they are effective (they are one of my favorite units in the new codex), but they seem out of place to me in the alpha-strike-type list. They hit me as more of a hammer/anvil type unit, but you can't deny their effectiveness.

    Shrike and a 5-man Jump squad is almost perfect for destroying what needs to be destroyed, without wasting too many points. I usually point them at a hard(ish) target and let them go. Have you used the terminators with shrikes infiltrate yet? the 5-man terminator squad could do some nasty damage, and with the storm sheilds they might even survive the return fire.

    Also, something that I've been noticing, how do you plan on holding objectives with your troops? 1 5-man scout squad (who is alpha-striking, and for me gets destroyed), 1 drop-podding in-your-face tactical squad (not necessarily on objectives), and one rhino squad (your objective taker?) don't seem to me to be reliable enough to claim objectives consistantly. I've found that, in my alpha-strike list, I tend to have only one (or sometimes 2) units left that can take/hold objectives after I hit the first turn. I've started running the 5-man 100 pt camo sniper scout squad with HB, and they've done reasonably well for me as far as holding an objective(s) on my side, and leaving the rest of my army alpha-striking towards their objective(s).

    I run a melta squad just like yours, and I have had mixed results with it. Sometimes I get to fire the MM, and sometimes I don't, but since it's free, I don't mind too much. It does make a nice 24" circle of death for anyone who gets near after the first turn. I just wish we had 2 assault weapons... sigh... Anyway!

    I'm super interested in the performance of the scout bikers for you. They strike me as a cheap(ish) delay unit, that can help in a lot of situations. How are they working for you?

    So, after all that babbling, I'm basically saying I like the list, but maybe a few tweaks would work better to allow you to score more. So maybe a list like:
    5 Terminators (the new shrike's wing)
    Drop Pod Melta Tactical (bye-bye vehicles)
    Drop Pod Plasma Tactical (This way you have a choice of weaponry to drop, and if you deploy one squad at the beginning of the game, you can use it as an empty pod if you need to buy some time, IIRC)
    Sniper Camo Scout squad (straight objective claimers at 36" range)
    Scout Assault Squad (they can help Shrike's new terminator wing, shotguns or BP/CCW, whichever you like)
    5-man assault squad (hmm... not sure if this is effective at this size or not for this list, but you have to have some jump packs in here, it's Raven Guard after all)
    Land Speeder Storm w/MM (in case the assaulting scout squad survives somehow)
    Scout Bikers (just because)

    This should be around 1500 pts +/-, but has 11 KPs, which is a bit much to me. I'd love to shave off a few more KPs, but I'm not entirely sure where.
    Last edited by Y'he Sha'is; November 11th, 2009 at 14:28.

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