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    1750 point mid-long range

    Ok here is my current list, it is (hopefuly) concentraiting on mid-long range firepower. I incorpatated a squad of Grey Kningts (if you dont know they have stormbolters that count as close combat weapons and a +1 str close combat weapon, and hey may be taken in codex chapters as alies) for there large firepower and as an emergency close combat unit if push comes to shove (and to ad a litle flavour to my force). I am trying to base this force on using pedro kantor in conjunction with sternguad to give me extra scouring units. I have used 1390 points so far and so have a further 360 points to play with, i wasnt shure if i had enugh points to dedicate to mechanise my force. if you have any changes to the existing list or sugestions for the spare points please share them.

    space marines
    [SIZE=2]pedro kantor -175[/SIZE
    2* tactical squad (10 with misle launcher and plasma gun -180
    Scout squad(5) with 4 snipers a heavy bolter and camo cloacks -100
    Sternguard(10 -250
    Heavy Suport
    Devestator squad(10 with 4 misle launchers -230
    Grey Knights
    Grey Knights(8 with 2 psycanons - 275

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