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    Imperial Fist Defensive Army Lists - 1000pts and 1500pts

    Looking for a couple of lists at 1000pts and 1500pts for a defensive Space Marine force (using current Codex: Space Marines). They will primarily be used for story-heavy gaming, usually around attacking or defending fortifications.

    From a pure "what models I'd like" view, daydreaming on the way into work I came up with -

    Terminator Librarian - already have the model
    Terminator Assault squad - mild preference to Lightning Claws!
    Chaplain Dreadnought - I *love* the model
    Tactical Squad - with Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun
    Scouts - snipers, missile launcher?

    (Would more troops choices be possible/a good idea?)

    Devastators w. 2x PC, 2x ML
    Predator - not sure which variant is best to maintain a flexible force
    Thunderfire Cannon

    Hoipefully this is approx. 1000pts and is my vision of "the thin yellow line" holding the fort!

    Problem is, I'm not sure a) how much this costs and b) how to expand it, keeping in with the idea of dogged defenders.

    Finally, how versatile is this for an OFFENSIVE force, and how would you expand/alter it for attack scenarios?


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    Saying right off the bat you're going to be playing defensively helps. "Defensively" means shooting. Lots of it. To succeed defensively, you need survivability, which comes in two forms: armor and numbers. Space Marines are already wearing the armor, so that shouldn't be a problem, but you do need to worry about getting as many guns on the field as possible.

    At a thousand points, two maxed Tac Squads will put more heavy weapons on the field, Lascannons for the long-range transport killers. This makes your opponent have to slog up the field. A Dev Squad carrying Missile Launchers should mop up the rest.

    A Dreadnought kitted for long-range fire (missiles/las) would also provide good ranged coverage.

    You don't have to spend points on Transports, which you can always recoup into more guns.

    Of course, you alluded to a problem you're going to have, which is offense. A force this dedicated to defense will fare quite poorly when thrust into an attacking role. In this, they will need transports, Fast Attack support and more close-combat ability.

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