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    2000 Vanilla SM list experimenting w/ bikes and Devastators

    So I recently drew this list up out of a desire to keep a promise to myself that I would at least look at bike squads for 2000, rather than just run an SW list I built that I'm fairly happy with.

    The two biggest things I love about SW is their Long Fangs and Grey Hunters, while the two biggest things I hate about vanilla are tactical squads and the lack of heavy fire support since Devastators are so expensive.

    One thing that vanilla has that SW doesn't, and its one of the two reasons I haven't gone full SW is the ability to make scoring bike armies (Sternguard armies is the other reason).

    Anyways, I was trying to find a way to get some heavy fire support that doesn't require a bunch of expensive tanks (predators, land raiders) which only dish out a couple of shots at one target per turn (predators are the worst offender of this), while at the same time trying to get a scoring bike army, AND enough back mobility to handle the Russ rush should it ever happen (a tall order, I know)

    This is what I came up with:
    (Quick note: the people I play with are usually cool with Forgeworld models, so I included them in the list. they are labeled as such.)

    Bike Captain: 185 points, Artificer Armor, Space Marine Bike, Melta Bombs, Relic Blade
    SM Bike Squad: 245 points, 5 bikes+ 1 Attack Bike (MM), 2 meltaguns, powerfist, meltabombs
    SM Bike Squad: 245 points, 5 bikes+ 1 Attack Bike (MM), 2 meltaguns, powerfist, meltabombs
    SM Bike Squad: 230 points, 5 bikes + 1 AB (H, 2 plasma guns, power weapon, meltabombs
    Landspeeder: 90 points, Typhoon ML, HB
    Landspeeder: 90 points, Typhoon ML, HB
    Landspeeder: 60 points, 2 HBs
    Deathstorm DP: 75 points (FORGEWORLD MODEL)
    Seige Dreadnaught: 120 points (FORGEWORLD MODEL)
    Drop Pod: 55 points, Deathwind launcher
    Devastator Squad: 250 points, 10 men, 4 missile launchers, power weapon + melta bombs (they will combat squad into 2-2 ML teams)
    Devastator Squad: 315 points, 10 men, 2 Plasma cannons, 2 Multi-meltas, power weapon, melta bombs, rhino (split off, plasma team stays home, MM team gets the rhino)
    Razorback: 40 points (goes with devastator squad technically, but acts more as mobile cover/ fire support)

    So what does everyone think? The basic idea is that the list can take all comers, and taking a page out of my 1500 SW list with a lot of heavy firepower.

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    HQ: Good.
    Troops: Nice. Meltabonbs can be dropped except for the PW guy. 3 PF attacks are always better than 1 MB attack except against stationary land raiders and you have 6 melta weapons for that.

    Fast: I'm not keen. They are a bit expensive and rahter vulnerable. If you had plenty of other tanks to dilute AT firepower then they would do better. I perfer MM+HF as a good all round design.

    Elite: The deathstorm pod is fun but many people think they are unbalanced. Siege dread in a pod is good.

    Heavy: Devastators are poor, too expensive and too static in my view. Take squadrons of 3 MM attack bikes instead. They have better toughness and they can move and fire. You would have to squadron the speeders to free up FA slots but it would also free up plenty of points for another troop choice.
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