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    1750 DH tourney list.

    Okay I have been trying to come up with a competitive list with DH that goes beyond my usual LR spam... not to say that it doesnt include the 3 LR but simply that it tries to give a fighting chance against Horde armies as well...

    So here we go


    GM+Incinerator+Psychic Hood = 205

    Inquisitor + Incinerator : 40

    Callidus Assassin : 120


    10 x Grey Knights + 2 x Incinerator = 295
    8 x Grey Knights + 2 x Incinerator = 245
    5 x IST + 2 x Flamers = 60


    2 x LR + Smokes + EA + Dozer Blades = 526
    1 x LR + Smokes + Dozer Blades = 258

    Total 1749

    The theory is that the GM goes with the 8 man squad and the Inquisitor with the IST's. Effectively this list has 6 TLLC and Str 6 weapons against armor while maintaining 8 templates for hordy types.

    The callidus is there for psychological reasons AND to help move a target in the open for a first turn kill from the LRs.

    Overall we have 9 kill points, 3 scoring units and 3 AV 14 vehicles to deny objectives.

    My usual list was GM + 4 Termies and 3 units of PAGK with the 3 LR... the effect is that 1 unit of PAGK stays outside.

    Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?

    (For the record I dont own any IG models so I cannot induct).

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    It's basically Land Raider spam except you're using lots of HFs, which you can do in normal Land Raider spam. It's still not that competitive against hordes in scoring games because if you get out to flame, he'll have enough left over to kill the meager squads you're tossing out.

    3 LR isn't that competitive, you turn the game into a battle of luck. Any army worth a damn (except Orks/Nids) is going to pack the guns to easily pop 1-2 LRs, it's just up to the dice. The army is very strong in KPs but it's not as hard to table you as other armies.

    The list itself is fine, I just wouldn't call the premise competitive. I'm sure many will disagree but that's my opinion.
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    It's practically the same as your trip-LR spam list. Substituting a squad of PAGK's for an Inq, callidus and IST's won't make it any better against hordes. You want more balanced? You need more bodies. You can still keep your LR's, but you need to add to it with more bodies. This is what I would do:

    GKGM - Icon, Incinerator - 190

    5x PAGK's - 2x Incinerators - 170 (LR)
    5x PAGK's - 2x Incinerators - 170 (LR)
    5x IST's - 2x flamers - 60 (LRC)
    5x IST's - 2x flamers, rhino, EA, smokes - 118
    5x IST's - 2x meltas, rhino, EA, smokes - 128
    5x IST's - 2x meltas, rhino, EA, smokes - 128

    GKLR - dozer, EA, smokes - 263
    GKLR - dozer, EA - 260
    GKLRC - dozer, smokes - 263

    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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