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Thread: 500pts Marines

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    500pts Marines

    For a tournament. Even though it's 500pts the 1HQ/2Troops minimum still stands.

    Chaplain with Jump Pack - 115

    Tactical Squad (x10) with Missile Launcher and Meltagun - 175
    Scouts (x5) with Bolters and Heavy Bolter - 85

    Assault Squad (x5) with Power Fist - 125

    I figure the Assault Squad and Chaplain should give be enough to counter-attack stuff that the Tactical Squad has fired holes in. Scouts to support where needed. Meltagun and Missile Launcher incase of enemy armour - hopefully shouldn't be too much at this level.

    Any thoughts?

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    Looks fine, but I don't like scouts and would advise against them unless you're using Telion. The Assault squad will attract a lot of fire power and by the time they reach the opponent they should pose no threat anymore.

    I’d consider removing the assault squad and add a Dreadnaught with two twin linked AutoCannons, for example. Not a common configuration, but excellent in killing any kind of light to medium armor and infantry of any kind and at lonmg range.

    In any case, I’m suggesting a list that has worked pretty well for me:

    Chaplain with Melta Bombs
    105 pts

    Tactical Squad
    + Sergeant Power Fist
    + Razorback

    Tactical Squad
    + Sergeant Power Fist
    + Razorback

    Heavy Support
    + Heavy Bolter Sponsors
    85 pts

    Chaplain joins one of the tactical squads.
    Last edited by Cowboy; November 27th, 2009 at 19:46.

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