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    Help needed - 500 point army list


    I have a tournament coming up at 500 points and the only requirement is 1 HQ and 1 troops choice.

    Fortunately i have a mate who plays orks and he is competing in the tournament as well so we've been playing a few practice matches. He is taking 3 boyz squads with assorted nobs and trucks for all of them. He also has a mekboy w/ kff. Every game we play he wins.

    Ive tried
    1 tac squad
    1 sternguard w/ drop pod 2* combi melta 2* combi flamer

    Biker captain
    Bike squad w/ attack bike - MM
    2*attack bikes - MM

    Tac squad
    2 * Dread w/ 2 * Twinlinked autocannons

    And other variations of the above. The main problem im having is that he can drive right up to my tac squad with just one of his transports, have his boys hop out and squish them in melee.

    Ive thought about taking 2 tactical squads but im then limited to transport options and HQ choices.

    Also i dont want to tailor an army just to fight against my friend, i need something that can take on multiple armies.

    If anyone has any advise on what to take it would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

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    You need more marines.

    2 tactical squads (standard), a Rhino, and an HQ (I find the librarian to be a cheap and flexible option at 500 points, power weapon is standard, can customize powers, and has a psychic hood--very handy). Use the spare points to upgrade Sgts for close combat.

    if you combat squad your units and use the first line to "absorb" his charge, your other marines (including librarian) can shoot & counter-charge, and your armor and superior stats, combined with closer to equal numbers, should be able to handle his orks better.

    Alternatively, you could try to play a game of maneuver to shoot him, but his trukks will be faster than you are, even with the rhino. It would work if they're on foot though. Missile launchers could handle his trukks nicely if you get to shoot first turn. Then you'll have a chance to bolter and frag him to death when he has to footslog.

    This force should give any other 500pt army a run for it's money, unless it's maybe a TMC army. Then you would rather upgrade to plasma guns and lascannons instead of upgrading the Sgt's for close combat.
    4 bionic bitz for Og "Da Boss" Grotstompa
    40 grots stomped
    400 boyz killed in action
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    $40K spent on GW

    I'm a SM commander with about 20 service studs in my head.

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