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    1500 Army using AoBR

    So basically the vindicator is my fav model so no changing tht everything else please comment on im completely flexible except for AoBR models of course

    Rage of Ultramar


    Captain w/ Command Squad in Land Raider Redeemer – Company Standard, Power Fist, Thunder Hammer – 525pts


    10 man Tactical Squad in Rhino – Flamer, Missile Launcher – 205pts

    10 man Tactical Squad in Rhino – Meltagun , Missile Launcher – 210pts

    5 man Scout Squad – Sniper Rifles – 75 pts


    Dreadnought in Drop Pod - Multi-melta, Dreadnought close combat weapon, storm bolter – 140pts

    --Heavy Support--

    Vindicator x3 – 345pts

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    I personally would swap out the captain and command squad for chaplain cassius and 5 th sh terms in the LRR. Makes the terms fearless and reroll misses when they charge pretty deadly. Hope this helps

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