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    500 Point Start Out list....

    I have played a couple games and love Vets. Here is my list so far, i've only played one game with it and won. Yes, I know, it isn't mechanized, but i'm ok with that.

    500 Point IG List
    Company Command Squad
    -Camo Cloaks
    Total: 90

    Veteran Squad
    - 3 Sniper Rifles
    Total: 105

    Veteran Squad
    - 3 Sniper Rifles
    Total: 105

    Scout Sentinel
    Total: 40

    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    -Dozer Blade
    Total: 160

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    I'm a new player, but I'll share some of the wisdom I've absorbed in my short time here.

    Consensus on sniper rifles is that they bite.

    Autocannons are preferred to Lascannons on the grounds that they will hit more often with 2 shots than one with BS 3, and are not likely to pop a heavily armored target. Autocannons are also cheaper and better vs light vehicles.

    For dealing with heavy armor (AV13+) I recommend meltaguns, and Demolisher tanks.

    So for your list, I'd suggest downgrading the lascannons to autocannons, losing the sniper rifles, and the dozer blade. With the points you save, upgrade the russ to a demolisher, with a heavy flamer, add 2 meltaguns and a flamer to each vet squad, and maybe give your company commander meltabombs with the last 5 points.

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    Is this straight out the Battle Force Box? Just so i know what weapons you've got to play with.

    CCS, It's alright. Lascannons are a bit OTT at 500pts. You wont be facing much armour, maybe Rhino's but thats about it. Autocannons are more than enough to cope with AV11 and half the cost of the Lascannon.

    Vets: In all honesty Sniper Rifiles are a bit bum. They seem good on paper but Rending/Pinning just isn't reliable. You're better off with Grenade Launchers as weith Krak you're wounding most things on 2's, you can threaten light vehicles and if the need arises you've got a Blast template.

    Sentinel, Good but when you start increasing in points increase the size of the Squadron. One on his own is easy to take out and in Kill Point missions is one hell of a hinderance.

    Leman Russ. Ditch the Dozer Blade. You really don't need it and 10pts is just too expensive for what it does. How much cover do you intend to drive through anyway? I always find Demolishers better than Russ. The str10 means you can crack open tougher tanks and AP2 means you can bust Terminators. A Russ should be fine for 500pts though.

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