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    1500 SM Drop Pod

    This is going to seem very generic, but I am building a drop pod army. My past drop pod army was a bit of an all-or nothing sort of deal, so I'm giving it another, more balanced go. From my past research, I have seen people field mainly dreadnoughts, for their close combat prowness or sternguards for firepower.I have decided that while these are both great options, sternguard can be very, very expensive and dreadnoughts can be killed way too easily by a prepared army. So anyway, I'm fielding a bit of both as units to take out tanks and monstrous creatures and HQ's, while the troops I'm fielding will go after other troops and light vehicles. I'm not sure how well this will work, and any constructive criticism is welcome. I could really use the help.


    Vulkan He'stan- 190pts


    Tactical Squad, x10 men, meltagun, multimelta, powerfist, drop pod- 235pts

    Tactical Squad, x10 men, meltagun, plasmacannon, powerfist, drop pod- 240pts

    Tactical Squad, x10 men, flamer, missile launcher, powerfist, drop pod, teleport homer- 240pts


    Sternguard Veteran Squad, x5 men, x5 combi (either melta, or flamer) weapons, powerfist, drop pod- 210pts

    Ironclad Dreadnought, swap SB for heavy flamer, drop pod-180pts

    Terminator Squad, x5 men, heavy flamer- 205pts

    Note: would it be better to drop the termies for more dreadnoughts or sternguards? Thank you in advance.

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    • Drop the teleport homer for a locator beacon on the first drop pod (ironclad).
    • Swap the termies for TH/SS guys.
    • Take meltagun and HF for the dread.
    • 5 sternguard could be replaced with 10 tac marines with a pod and a meltagun (A PW would be nice too if you can shave the points from somewhere)
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