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    Pseudo Dark Angels...need to get to 1750--help please!

    I've got a fledgling Dark Angels army but only using the regular SM codex for now. Still trying to keep the theme of blended Green/White/Black army though.

    I've got a Capt (Master) with relic blade and storm bolter
    Dreadnought with Assault cannon, Fist, Heavy Flamer
    5 Terminators (Deathwing) with Assault cannon
    3 Tactical squads (10 man) with Flamer and Missile Launcher
    1000 pts

    I just bought the Ravenwing boxed set which comes out to 320 pts (as built on the box, which I favor--6 bikers, power weapon; Attack bike with multi melta; Landspeeder tornado with Heavy bolter and assault cannon)
    I am also looking at a Land Raider to port around the Master and either the terminators or a tac squad (another 250 pts)

    So that leaves me with 180 points left to spend to get up to the 1750 limit for local tournaments. What do I do?

    Some of my ideas:
    --Add a 4th Tac squad
    --5 Devastators with Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, 2 Missile Launchers
    --Command Squad, Power fist; Rhino or Razorback for transport
    --Venerable upgrade for the Dread; Rhinos/Razorbacks for the tac squads

    Any other ideas welcome!

    4 bionic bitz for Og "Da Boss" Grotstompa
    40 grots stomped
    400 boyz killed in action
    4000 light years of "Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we Go" without a break
    $40K spent on GW

    I'm a SM commander with about 20 service studs in my head.

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    3 Rhinos for your tactical squads and a pod for your dread = 140. Use the rest of the points to give some of your sergeants some CC-punch.

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    Junior Member Shikamaru nara's Avatar
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    Dev squad couldn't hurt b/c you dont seem to have that much ranged anti tank.

    I would definitely take venerable option on dread as well. If you're going raven wing i would hope to see at least a 3 to 5 unit of land speeder tornadoes. moving across the field and firing 15 rending shots is devastating against ANY infantry.

    The core list isn't bad but as mentioned above, you lack transport. If you plan on blitzing all you're elite, bikes and speeder it could work to buy time for footsloggers to get into position. Other than that try no to inflate the points in the army if you can help it. The more you upgrade b/c you have to, the less efficient your units will become.

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