HQ 515
Inquisitor lord, Eviscerator, Cloak of St Aspira, Psychic hood
Crusader henchmen (pw and shield)
Land raider +extra armour

Canoness, Eviscerator, Cloak of St Aspira

EL 120
Callidus Temple Assassin

HS 405
135 Exorcist
135 Exorcist
135 Exorcist

TR 460
5x storm troopers
chimera +multi-laser +smoke

5x storm troopers 2x melta-gun
chimera +multi-laser +smoke +extra armour

9x sisters + superior +1 flamer +1 heavy flamer
rhino +smoke +extra armour

General plan it so send the land raider forwards, with the melta and flamer transports close behind.
Exorcists provide 'tank shaking' support fire and transport popping where they can, giving the flamers targets to clean up, or for the assassin to appear next to hope hopefully knock out a squad in one go (psychic flamer and assault).
The land raider is the major contester but also provides some anti-tank with it's lascannons while moving up. it can deliver the admittedly mediocre assault squad (lord+canoness) to back line units like dev marine squads, which they should do ok against, then go tankshock onto enemy objectives.
the melta chimera is there in case of emergency (trying to stop an enemy land raider) and can also be thrown out there to take some fire or provide cover, blocking line of sight to the flamers while they get about their toasty business.

i'm not 100% on the assassin at the moment, in theory it looks good with it's i5, 4 charging attacks and c'tan sword, but i can always swap it out of the list for an extra rhino with ISTs and 2 flamers.