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    Battleforce SW - 1000 points

    I got a copy of the SW codex and thought I'd play around with them for a few games. Not looking for a highly competitive force, just something with a nice mix of weaponry to keep it fun.

    I am a little unsure as to what sprues the SW battleforce contains as it lists 10 GHs and 10 BCs, but under troops they're based on the same box set? Would it be viable to make them into 20 GH instead or wolf guard models?

    Here's what I was thinking:

    Vanguard Unit
    Wolf Lord - Dual Claws, Warrior Saga, Belt of Russ, Meltabombs = 205 (pricey...)
    Wolf Guard - Power Fist, Combi Melta (are meltas included in the set? might have to swap this out) = 43
    8 Grey Hunters - Melta, Mark of the Wulfen (Again, not sure if there are meltas in there?) = 155
    Drop Pod - no upgrades

    Outflank Unit
    Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Hunter Saga, Dual Claws, WG Necklace, Melta Bombs = 135
    Wolf Guard - Power Fist, Combi Melta (or plasma) = 43
    Wolf Scouts - ML, 2x PW to add some ranged anti transport if needed = 100
    To hopefully arrive behind the main enemy force and can pop transports or assault later

    Objective Holding Unit
    5 Grey Hunters - Plasma Rifle = 85
    1 Wolf Guard - Frost Blade = 38
    Unfortunately not much long ranged support can be provided from these guys but would be left behind to hold something

    Flank Protectors/Objective Clearers
    Lone Wolf - TH & SS = 80
    Lone Wolf - TH & SS = 80

    Total = 999 points

    Gives me a nice mix of special close combat weapons and SW only upgrades so they wont play the same as marines. Total body count is 20 power armored models from the GH/BC units in the battleforce to make the GH, lone wolves and HQ.

    A few questions though:
    -Would the wolf lord benefit with the bear saga more and thus be able to roam around alone more after he drops in?
    -Would I have enough special weapons available from the battleforce? Current count is 2 TH/SS, 2 PF, 4 wolf claws, 1 melta gun (need 3 for combi meltas), 1 plasma gun, 1 frost weapon. Main concerns are melta weaponry, TH/SS and wolf claws available
    -Also how many wolf helmets would I get? I was thinking of using these for the HQ and lone wolves
    -Any large flaws in this army build other than the lack of range? Hopefully they can hit fast enough in CC to make up for it.

    I tried to load the enlarged sprue pic on the GW website but it comes up blank. Thanks to anyone who can help!

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    No meltas. You can make all 20 guys GH, BC, or WG. There is way too many heads etc (a very good buy for bits - i created 6 extra guys and changed a devastator box into long fangs with the extra bits, awesomeness.) Basically 4 wolf helments, and 4 of everything (special shoulder pads, etc)

    I like the wolf lord and wg with scouts, good stuff there.

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