[1500] Raven Guard Strike Force - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Raven Guard Strike Force

    In my search for a Raven Guard force that won't cost a significant arm and a leg (I'm okay with the less significant arm and a leg), I've been designing several 1500 point lists with the help of Alzer in instant messenger. This one is one that stuck out, that I just wrote up quickly today, that goes back to the traditional Raven Guard roots. I'm relatively proud of it, and thus far it is the cheapest list that I'm inclined to possibly collect.

    Before we go into the list, I just wanted to make a quick disclaimer - the Inquisitor/Assassin combination has been a heated debate for as long as the DH/WH codices have been out, but I can not find any logic, personally, that would stop me from being able to do this. I'd be welcome to debating via PM or in another thread about the topic, but I don't want it entering this thread. For the purposes of this list, please assume it's completely legal and I'll never encounter any issues with it. Cheers!

    And on to the list...


    Captain - 170 pts
    - relic blade
    - storm shield
    - jump pack


    Tactical Squad A (10) - 225 pts
    - missile launcher, meltagun, power weapon
    - drop pod

    Tactical Squad B (10) - 220 pts
    - missile launcher, flamer, power weapon
    - drop pod

    Scout Squad A (5+1) - 148 pts
    - sniper rifles, missile launcher
    - Telion

    Scout Squad B (5) - 100 pts
    - sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks


    Sternguard Squad A (10) - 325 pts
    - three combi-meltas, power weapon
    - drop pod w/ locator beacon

    DH Inquisitor (1) - 60 pts
    - incinerator, psychic hood

    Vindicare Assassin (1) - 115 pts

    Fast Attack

    Assault Squad A (5) - 135 pts
    - flamer, power fist

    Total Points: 1498/1500

    General battle plan is to bring down the Sternguard and Tactical Squad A first to possibly eliminate any tanks within their range. Tactical Squad B will land at a later time, either in support of the Sternguard if they need it (hence, the locator beacon) or onto an objective to contest or capture and hold throughout the rest of the game. They'd ideally arrive around turn 3-4.

    The Inquisitor will ride in the Sternguard's drop pod unless he'll be of better use in one of the Tactical Squad drop pods (I want him on the table asap to use that psychic hood, one of my primary opponents is Eldar after all). The Captain will of course join with the Assault Marines to provide a relatively strong counter assault unit and I will infiltrate the Scouts into positions to hold objectives and secure fire lanes, while the Vindicare provides assistance to them and tries to pick off heavy weapons and unit leaders, or as a last resort transport killer.

    Overall the list has 48 infantry models and 3 drop pods, which I am pretty happy with.

    Comments or suggestions? Cheers in advance, it's been a while since I've posted an army list on LO.

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    324 (x8)

    That is not a proper salty-rine squad for ravenguard and you KNOW it. *Crosses arms and glares*

    Otherwise I think it is a darned fine list. Little short on anti tank though if ya ask me.

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