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    2000pt mainly fun list

    Normally my play style involves being too tough too kill, and involves terminators, landraiders, the lot.
    So I wondered if I could make a list that did not use these things and if it worked I would adapt my army to suit it better. I built this list out of units I already own (except the captain). So what I really want to know is how to improve it and whether it could be even slightly competitive.

    Hq 165
    Captain on bike w/ pair of lightning claws 165

    Troops 720
    Tactical Squad w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, rhino 240
    Tactical Squad w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, drop pod 240
    Tactical Squad w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, drop pod 240
    5 Scouts, 4 snipers and 1 Heavy Bolter, camo-cloaks 100

    Elites 355
    6 Sternguard, 5 combi-(plasmas), Razorback 215
    Dreadnought, mm and sb in drop pod 140

    Fast Attack 190
    3 bikes w/ pg, mg, pf + attack bike w/ mm 190

    Heavy Support 470
    Vindicator XXX
    Predator with heavy bolters sponsons 85
    10 Devestators, 2 lascannons, 2 missile launchers 270

    Captain goes with bikes for some cc punch. Drop pods land in SAFE areas except dreadnought, who is suicide/support. Bikes go off to kill any big thing they see, or anything threatening tacticals, heavy suppport do what they do best, shoot. Sternguard lend support when needed.

    The general idea off this army is that it quickly captures the battlefield and the fast moving stuff allows spread out units to be held together. It can also be used as a mobile/static shooting army with drop pods as distractions.

    C&C welcome and wanted

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    good list

    i like the list

    without any termies or land raiders its a lot different than most lists out now

    i've never used sternguard before but giving them all combi plasmas seems a waste because
    it costs more and it means they cant use there special ammo for a turn and a few may even die

    the devastators maybe lose 2 or 3 and put in another heavy weapon or 2 because more fire powers better and theres no point in having so many guys with bolters when your other guns have such great a range and are used for killing big things

    Give ur captain artificier armor a 2+ save is so worth the extra 15 points

    id take away the drop pod for one of the groups and either give them a rhino or nothing so u have more points and they can sit at your objective and defend it

    this is just advice do with it what you will

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