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    600 points tournament help needed.........

    ok i need to come up with a 600 point list for this schools tornament comming up soon. Here are the rules:
    600 points
    1-2 HQ
    2-6 troops
    0-1 elite
    0-1 heavy support/fast attack

    Ok apart from this its normal games on a 48 by 48 table. I decided to bring out my space marines for this one and need a list to win often...... i am aiming at doing very well in this and need you guys to help me come up with a effective list... I want to include calgar as he is practicly indestructible at this points level and i can work a good army around him. This is my first go at a list:

    Calgar (265)

    tactical marines x10 (170 )
    missle launcher

    scout snipers x5 (75)

    land speeder
    assault cannon

    total 600 points.

    Ok im unsure weather to replace the assault cannon with a Missle launcher though. The idea is for the scouts to sit on objectives while calgar either deepstrikes goes walking alone or with the tactical squad. The land speeder is there for the torent of anti-infantry firepower if it has the assault cannon. If not it then has the option for taking transports out. I would consider bringing the landspeeder down to a multi-melta and giving a ML/HB to the scouts and a few upgrades on the tacts.

    if you think galgar is not a good option i am also favourable with cassius with his amazing price and durability. I do not want to go all out with scouts though i don't think i can fit two tacticals in my list. If only calgar was 5 points cheeper as with two tacts is 605 if he takes terminator armour.

    i want an awkward list overall which is rude and anoying but can do well against good players.

    Please comment with lists, ideas, do's and don'ts, and general feedback as it will help me a lot

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    I wouldnt run Calgar - he's a bit big for a 600 point game, and other people aren't going to like you for it! =L I'd go for cassius. other than that, looks pretty sound and if you do run Calgar then I reckon you're on to a winner!
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