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    Non-Vulkan Salamanders 1500

    Captain +175
    - Term. Armor w/ Dual Thunder Hammers

    2 Dreadnoughts +230
    - 2 Heavy Flamers

    THSS Term. Squad +200

    Heavy Support
    Land Raider Redeemer +250
    - Multi-Melta

    3 Tactical Squads of 10 +510
    - 3 Flamers
    - 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Multi-Melta
    - Bolters for everyone else

    3 Dedicated Rhinos w/ HKMs +135

    1. Does this seem to follow the Salamander idea? I was thinking about starting a Salamander primogenitor with more focus on close combat and this seems to fit.

    2. Would this be a balanced enough army for fighting an all around Tau army of the same points?

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    If you plan on placing that many Flamers and Hammers on the field... why wouldn't you take Vulkan as an HQ for a mere 15 points more than your MC Hammer Captain? My main concern with your fight against the Tau is that you have very limited mobility as far as your mechs go. On the table, you have 3 Rhinos, 1 Landraider and 2 Dreadnoughts literally foot slogging into a wave of pulse fire. If he has at least 1 Hammerhead or Broadside unit, you can count on at least 1/2 of them being killed by the time you get up to his deployment zone.
    Tau have a very hard time dealing with Drop Pods, I don't care if he's mech or gunline, Drop pods in his face will ruin the bulk of his army. If you can drop the dreads and some marines in his face, he will HAVE to deal with them ASAP, giving your Landraider and extra chance to get up close. Just some thoughts. If you really wanna screw over your Tau friend, do 5 Drop Pods (they're cheap to buy or proxy) drop in all 3 Marine Squads turn 1 and just start cutting down little blue people. As for Crisis Suits, the best way to deal them pain as a Salamander is Vulkan!! Vulkan can single handedly take out a 600+ point suit team if you can get him in there. (PS, thunderhammers are kind've overkill for facing Tau... you might as well do lightning claws as you're going to hit on 3+, and wound on 3+ w/ rerolls anyways.

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    Salamander strength comes from Vulkan's combat tactics for re-rolls on flamers, meltas and heavy flamers. Unfortunately there is nothing else make makes them unique from vanilla marines.
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