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    1000 point starting army need some help

    HQ: 257 pts
    Captain with lighting claws bolt pistol and artificer armour
    Command Sqaud all with blot pistols (for an extra attack in close) and storm bolters

    Elite: 170 pts
    Ironclad Drednaught with seismic hammer drednaght close combat weapon and drop pod

    Troop: 425 pts
    x2 Tactical Squad with heavy bolters and rhinos with storm bolters
    Scout Sqaud with bolters and heavy bolter

    Fast Attack: 50 pts
    Land Speeder Storm

    the scouts will be in the landspeeder comptering or tieing objectives in the last minutes, the ironclad killing tanks and the rest killing troops or whatever. the only thing i really need help on is killing things like wraithlord and carnifexes and stuff like that. im thinking sterngaurd or full las cannon predetor. i would love some sugestions please.

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    I don't know about the rest of the list but for your Tactical Squads i would definetly swap a heavy bolter for a missile launcher in one squad and give both squads flamers. The ironclad looks a good choice to drop in the middle of the enemy army. Consider a Razorback for your command squad to get them into combat safely. The only real problem you seem to have is the weapon choices on your tactical squads. This list will probably struggle against horde armies at the moment so you need flamers in the tactical squads, then split both these squads into combat squads, one with the missile launcher/heavy bolter the other with the flamer. If the Scouts are sitting round at the back in the land speeder why not consider dropping their heavy bolter to free up points for elewhere in the army?

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