This is the Demon hunter list i have ever done and i want to run only grey knights so here it goes


Grand Master-Bionics, Icon of the just, Teleport homer-190
Retinue-4xGrey knight Terminators-184


7xGrey Knights-200

7xGrey Knights-200

Fast attack

Grey Knight Teleport Attack-7xGrey Knights-200

Heavy support

Land Raider Crusader-Smoke Launchers-258

Land Raider-Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour-258


I intend to proxy in the Grey knights as i want to make sure i like them before i sell my soul to buy them.

The Grand master will teleport and the GKTA squad will deep strike near him and the Grey knight squads will be in the land raiders so they can assault out and don't have to foot slog.

i Am thinking of putting some melta bombs on the justicar's and making the standard raider another crusader.