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    =][= and stormies - in over their heads 1500pts

    So i need to put together a none GKPA force representing an =][= Lord with an apprentice and some stormies and maybe some allied HS

    I was thinking:

    =][= Lord with psycannon (maybe in termie armour)
    a fire base ret (3 warriors plus sages and mystics)

    a second similar squad lead by an =][= basically the same.

    6 squads of stormies (plasma rifles x 2) (flamers x2) and meltas x 2 all in transport(rhinos)

    an assassin ..callidus (if points are there)

    and maybe one lehman Russ inducted...

    all for around 1500 pts

    they will be up against eldar and "should" (for the sake of our story/plot line in our campaign) probably loose but not tooo badly... they should also be able to survive if i use my noggin

    any thoughts?

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    To start- If you induct a Leman Russ, you must first induct the required 2 troops choices (infantry platoons) from the parent codex.

    Noticed something really messy in the tournament I just played in, which planned on playing many psyker lists. Putting a Null Rod and Psychic Hood on your INQ Lord has a good chance of shutting down their psykers, so use accordingly.

    I'd suggest (if the points are there) master-crafting your psycannons, as well as taking the shooty lord builds (2 HB Serv, 1 PC/HB/MM Serv depending on preference, 2 Sages, 1-2 Mystics, and if you're feeling frisky, acolytes with bolters/whatever you want to give them from the armory.

    Unfortunately, all this speculation falls short when you have a 1500 point list to make and you want 6 squads of IST in Rhinos. That's 1010/1080 points by itself, including bare-bones rhino and no vet/ barebones vet.

    As I play Eldar myself, I see the Plasma weapons being your least useful asset, so would look towards dropping those first. Sacrifices must be made to get all the INQ goodies in the book.

    Hope this helped.
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