My latest list saw my first use of vanguards. They did really well - and will be included more often. First I present the list I used, and then an untested development of it:

1 Liberian w/ gate and shield (100 pts)

1 full Tactical Squad w/ Multi-Melta and Meltagun, mounted in a rhino (210 pts)

1 full Tactical Squad w/ Lascannon (180 pts)

1 Scout Squad of five w/ Missile Launcher and Telion (140 pts)

1 full Vanguard Squad w/ 1 TH and 4 LC (400 pts)

1 Sterngaurd Squad of five w/ 5 Combi-Meltas mounted in a drop pod w/ beacon (195 pts)

1 full Scout Bike Squad w/ Combi-Melta and Melta Bombs, Locator beacon and 3 GLs (280 pts)

1 Terminator Assault Squad of six (240 pts)

The problem is that you need to bring forth two beacons to have a chance to deep strike in a OK position. Because of that you have no reserve beacon to react to the opponents moves. The Librarian jumped the lascannon squad around, so that they supported where they were needed, but wasted the lascannon. The vanguard did great, butu lost a couple of models a turn to AP 3 or worse, or power weapons.

Learning from the first battle, and tapping into my love for dreads, I made this second list. Its not tested yet.

1 Libarian Epistolary w/ Gate and Avenger (150 pts)

1 full Tactical Squad w/ melta, combi-melta and Power Fist mounted in a drop pod (255 pts)

1 full Tactical Squad w/ plasmagun and combi-plasma (190 pts)

2 Ironclads w/ heavy flamer and hunter-killer missile mounted in drop pods w/ beacons (400 pts)

1 full scout bike squad w/ beacon, combi-melta and melta-bomb (250 pts)

1 full vanguard squad w/ 1 TH, 4 LC and 2 SS (430 pts)

1 Scout Squad of five w/ snipers (75 pts)

With two beacon drops on turn one I hope that I have covered my attack options. The scout bikers will then react to my opponent. The scout bikes also have the option of a first turn attack on a vehicle, but this might risk the beacon.
With two dreads out of the beacons, the opponent is in a hurry to clean his own backyard.
The Epistolary joins the plasma squad, and use the beacons to deliver his AP 2 and AP 3 flamer death. The scouts only role is to sit on an objective.
The pod tactical comes in later to take an objective, and maybe pop a car. The power fist may be to much for the squad, but it looks great.
In my experience, the dreads shooting the meltaguns always result in a miss. If they cant use their flamer, they might as well pop smoke. If both dreads has a melta shot on the same target, I might take it. Saving the smoke to the turn I charge has its own advantages, unless I get bogged down in prolonged combat.

Please give me some advise on how to optimise this army, both with and without any changes. I really like the feel of the army, and the vanguards are the cornerstone. So please no "use terms instead of vanguards" - I have read a lot of arguments for and against vanguards, but I stopped judging their "paper-stats".