1500 point ig and dh allied sith army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 point ig and dh allied sith army

    i know my army is a ig one but since i am also now putting in some dh units i thought i might get some feed back from you guys also. ok so after more reserch i have now brought a daemonhunters codex as well earlier today so i have made a 1500 imperial guard army with daemonhunter allies to make my sith vanguard.

    Creed, Vox, Autocannon, Camo Cloaks - 185
    (to be used to sit back and issue orders)(this is my Sith Emperor - Emperor Palpatine)

    Inquisitor Lord, Terminator Armor, Force Weapon, Power Weapon, Word of the Emperor - 130
    3 x Warriors - 30
    (to be used for close combat against tanks and troops)(this is my Sith Lord - Darth Vader)

    Vets, Harker, 3 x Melta Guns, Demo - 185
    (have infaltrate, to be used as tank hunters)

    PC, Vox, Autocannon
    Sqd 1 Autocannon, Vox
    Sqd 2 Autocannon, Combine Sqd1
    Sqd 3 Autocannon, Vox
    Sqd 4 Autocannon, Combine Sqd3
    HWS- 3 x Autocannons
    - 370 points
    (with the pc this should give me 51 men with 8 Autocannons to hold ground or give covering fire)

    Marbo - 65
    (enough said)(this is the Bounty Hunter)
    3 x Death Cult Assassins - 120
    (They run as 3 individuals but count as one elite choice armed with power weapons and ccw and having the infiltrate rule to be used as tank damages or troop killers)(These 3 are Sith apprentices - Starkiller, Ventress, Darth Maul)

    9 x Rough Riders - 95
    (uses Creeds Special Rule of Scouts to be used to flank enemy tanks)
    3 x Scout Sentinals, Autocannon, Smoke - 135
    3 x Scout Sentinals, Autocannon, Smoke - 135
    (have the scout rule to be used as tank hunters)

    Total Points - 1450
    some points left for ????

    I am not expecting the Death Cult Assassins to last more than 2 hopefully 3 rounds but long enough to do a bit of damage and tie up enemy troops for a bit. The Inquisitor Lord has the Deep Strike rule becausse of his armour but not sure if it allows the rest of his contingent - I think these guys will be a priority target for any enemy troops, but if they are my sentinals, rough riders and harkers unit should be able to be left alone for a couple of rounds to destroy other things in theory anyways.

    all you guys have been a big help so far in helping me and it is greatly appreciated hopefully i can have my army list down pat soon and start buying.
    any and all critism is welcome

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    Haha, it's really cool. There are some elements which aren't hugely competitive, mainly the inquisitor. CC inquisitors just aren't worthwile. Overall, I think it's quite a strong army, you have a good balance and alot of things to disrupt the enemy. I think it will perform well without being cheesy, and you'll definitely make alot of friends having such a sweet, themed army. Looks awesome mate.

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