Hey LO

I'm fighting against a friend this weekend in a campaign.

We're fighting a 1850 Cities of Death game and my Ultra Marines are taking on the Impy Guard.

The mission is to take a single building in the middle of the board.

I thought I'd post my list with each units task listed next to it for context.

Chief Librarian Tigarius
Task: Attached to a 10 man Tac Squad and spam the enemy with Psychic Powers - if need be use Gate of Infinity to teleport the Tac Squad into the objective in the last turn and contest/claim

Epistolary - Jump Pack, Force Dome and The Avenger psychic powers
Task: Attach to a 5 man (none Sergeant) Assault Squad - basically this unit will be used to murder infantry

Iron Clad (Drop Pod) - Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, Seismic Hammer, Dreadnought CC Weapons
Task: Look at the silly monkey. His job is to drop into the enemy on turn one and scare them into destroying him. If I can deploy the drop pod in front of a Baslisk all the better. If he surives the first turn then he just ploughs into the enemy lines and cause havoc.

10 Man LoD - Heavy Flamer, Melta Gun, Sergeant has Power Sword
Task: This is another look at the silly monkey squad. They'll murder infantry and vehicles alike and their 3+ invulnerable save will help them ignore heavy weapons. Their job is to distract and murder. They're Fearless which means they'll just keep on annoying the crap out of my opponent till they're dead.

5 Sniper Scouts - Camo Cloaks
Task: Hide, Snipe, move, snipe, move, grab the objective

5 H+H Scouts - Camo Cloaks - Sarge has Power fist and Teleport Homer
Task: Hide, run, Hide, run, use teleport homer to bring in LoD on target, hide - murder a tank or two - draw the enemy away from the objective.

10 Man Tac Squad - Flamer, Missile L (will Combat Squad down) - Sarge has Melta Bombs
Task: The Sarge's Combat Squad will ninja stealth through buildings killing infantry and clear out the Impy Guard trying to grab the objective. The Missile Launcher team will set up with a good range of fire (and in turn draw fire) but towards the end of the game leg it towards the objective.

10 Man Tac Squad - Melta - Sarge has Melta Bombs
Task: This is Tigarius bodyguard. They are his wound buffer and will be used for a last grab if needed to get the objective.

Fast Attack
10 Man Assault Squad - Sarge has Powerfist + Metla bombs, x2 Plasma in the squad (will Combat Squad down)
Task: Both Combat squads will bunny hop around the far side of the buildings keep in cover. Then at the last second jump on tanks and isolated infantry/light armour. Again, if they draw fire all the better - my objective claiming troops won't be being shot at.

Heavy Support
Task: Sit at the back of the board in cover and bomb the heck out of the Impy Guard infantry. Bring the Rain!

As you can see 60+ percent of the army is designed to distract and die (if needs be). I'm very objective focused with this list.

What do people think? Is the list good or bad? Unfortunately weapons swaps aren't really an option as I don't have many alternative models (so I can't give my Sergeants Powerfists for example).