(1500) Space Wolves vs Daemons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    (1500) Space Wolves vs Daemons

    Hey all,

    I've been playing a lot of games against daemons recently, and I just can't seem to beat them. I've put a lot of thought into army lists, but I think that the problem is in my tactics. Can anyone suggest some good tactics for playing against daemons, and some effective units to go with it? Don't worry about an army list (i can make one myself), but just a basic outline on what units to get and some effective upgrades etc.

    The person i play against ALWAYS gets Fateweaver, and usually gets the Plaguefather


    This is the list i have at the moment.


    Njal Stormcaller - 270
    -Runic Terminator armour
    -drop podding with the grey hunters

    Wolf Guard Battle leader - 185
    - Mark of the wild
    -Storm Shield
    - wolftooth necklace
    - saga of the warrior born


    10 Blood Claws - 210
    -power fist

    10 Grey hunters - 235
    -power fist
    -mark of the wild
    -plasmagun (free)

    10 Grey hunters - 230
    -power fist
    -mark of the wild
    - rhino
    -meltagun x2

    8 grey hunters - 155
    -drop pod

    Fast Attack

    6 bikes - 215
    -plasma pistol
    -power fist
    -attack bike

    Total - 1500

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