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Thread: 1000pts fer fun

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    1000pts fer fun

    'ere we go! yeah it's mostly a friendly list and with all the the new stuff coming out (i.e nids), I just wanted to know how well you guys/gals think it'll fair?

    Company command squad
    ~ regimental standard
    ~ missile launcher
    ~ grenade launcher

    Chimera (vanilla)

    Veteran squad
    ~ autocannon
    ~ 3 melta guns

    platoon command squad x2
    ~ missile launcher
    ~ 2 sniper rifles

    Infantry squad x4

    heavy weapons squad
    ~ 3 lascannons (FREEEM!!!)

    heavy weapons squad
    ~ 3 heavy bolters

    Leman russ demolisher
    ~ heavy bolter sponsons
    ~ extra armor

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    Ok then,

    Lascks abit of focus really. Grenade launchers are really handy as they've got a decent range and can fire on the move. If you put a Heavy weapon in there it takes away the G-Launchers main strength (move and fire). I'd just stick with a single Heavy weapon or grab 4 G-Launchers instead.
    Normaly i'd advise against M-Launchers but Krak Missiles are brilliant against the new Nids so if this list is purely for them then keep em.

    Who's the chimera for?

    Autocannon and Meltaguns? an odd combo if ever i saw one. Melta guns wont serve you much if you're on foot. Especially if you're hanging back to shoot your Autocannon. Either grab some Plasma for the Range or get some G-Launchers for cheap long range Str6 AP4 shots.

    PCS. Ditch the Sniper rifles. they're just not brilliant. BS3 Missile Launchers aren;t great too. take weapons with Multiple shots instead like Autocannons or load up on special weapons.

    HWS: taking a single type of squad means your opponent can knock it out in one fell swoop and leave your army lacking. Take multiples.

    Loose the Lascannon on the Demolisher otherwise it's fine. You might find better use for the 20pts you spent on the Sponsons but it's no big deal.
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