Hey everyone,

I've been reading the LO forums for a while now but this is my first post. I most often play Eldar but recently started putting together a Daemonhunters army for a little variation. Since I know several people that play Eldar I usually get criticism on my lists from them but no one I know plays Daemonhunters so I thought I'd try out posting it here.

Like I said, I just picked up the Daemonhunters codex so I imagine there's going to be a lot of changes recommended which I'm cool with- I'm not dead set on most of it. The only request I'd make is that (for fluff reasons- this list is not 100% competitive) I'd like to include an Inquisitor in some fashion. He can be regular or a Lord, makes no difference, but any advice on how to effectively include one would be appreciated!

GM + 4 GKT
Holocaust(GM) Incinerator(GKT)

Inquisitor Lord w/ bolter-melta, Emperor's Tarot, Teleport Homer
2 Acolyte w/ bolter-melta
Gun-Servitor w/ multi-melta

Callidus Assassin

6 PAGK w/ 2 incinerator, teleport homer

6 PAGK w/ 2 psycannon

5 IST w/ 2 meltas
Rhino w/ ea, smokes

5 IST w/ 2 plasma
Chimera w/ multi-laser, heavy flamer, ea, smokes

Heavy Support
GK Dreadnaught w/ multi-melta, ea, smokes

So you'll probably notice its low on the mechanization, which is the semi-unique point I mentioned. The 2 buddies of mine I'll be using this list against most often are CC junkies ('nids and khornate CSM) who built their own table. I'm not thrilled about it but its only 4'x4' with a LOT of urban terrain so cover abounds and I don't even think a Land Raider would fit on it.

Generally the idea I have is to keep the GKT in reserve, deploying everything else forward in cover. PAGK with psycannons footslog it to an objective or one of the few open parts of the table they can take pot shots from. PAGK with incinerators advance to CC with Dreadnaught on their heals. Chimera and IST head for an objective they can set up shop on where the chimera can keep its front armor facing an advance. Rhino with IST moves through cover to reach any armor they deploy ('nids player is on an IG kick) Callidus is in to move something out into the open for an early pot shot or get some enemy CC out of charge range if deployment rolls go poorly. Inquisitor again I'm not sure how to use effectively yet, I suppose he might need a transport to be viable but I'm envisioning him as another tank popping squad. GKT squad will take advantage of teleport homers for CC support, primarily to aid Inquisitor or charge in once PAGK with incinerators get into position.

Thanks in advance for the advice!