I can only have 1 of each of the following: Elites, Fast attack, Heavy support. But i MUST have at least 2.

HQ: CCS: 2x grenade launchers 60pts

Elites: Stormtrooper squad: 3x extra stormtroopers 133pts

Troops: Platoon 1
PCS: 2x flamers, vox-caster 45pts
Infantry Squad 1: flamer, vox-caster 60pts
Infantry Squad 2; grenade Launcher, Vox-caster 60pts
Veteran Squad: Demolitions, Chimera (storm bolter, h/k, dozer blade) 2x flamer, grenade launcher 200pts

Heavy support: LRBT: h/k, heavy stubber, lascannon 185pts

Comment, ideas, advice, questions???